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Anavar Only Cycle!


hey guys im gunna run an anavar only cycle i was thinking running it at 40-60mg a day and run it for 8 weeks.

My Stats: 22 years old, 210-215lbs at about 11% bf been lifting for 3 years seriously with knowlege of diet for 2. i havent lifted in 3 months due to haveing a camp job but before i left for camp i was at 217lbs about 8.5-9% bf i plan on geting back lifting for a month or so before starting the cycle.

Cycle history: I have done a m1t cycle and a winstrol only cycle

Goal: To put on 5-7lbs of lean muscle while burning fat and geting cut for summer! Not looking to get huge!

Cycle outline: 40-60mg anavar for 8 weeks (was thinking 60mg cause of my size)
multi vitamin, milk thistle, fish oils 3 times daily,was thinking about throwing in some tribulus for libido. input on that? and possibly some fat burners later on in the cycle.
PCT nolvadex 40,40,20,20

Diet: i was planning on geting 1.5g of protein per lbs. what should i try and aim for for calories?

thanks any input would be awesome!!


Really man? You're going to beat the hell out of your liver for 8 weeks for 5 measly pounds?

I'm not trying to sound like your dad or anything, but come on, if that's not abuse, I don't know what is. You could easily do that naturally.

FTR, I don't think your liver is going to fail or anything that dramatic. But when you're 35 and your liver is trashed from repeated lengthy oral cycles, they're going to look at you like any other alcoholic or drug addict.

I did PHs for a long while too because I was too scared to inject myself. I finally found my nutsack, did my research and realized what an idiot I was.

Anyways, sermon over, cycle looks fine...


When did anavar became so hard on the liver...?


From what I have read im sure some people will always disagree but anavar isnt that toxic on the liver. would you guys recomend 40mgs or 60mgs ed? as for diet should i aim for 2500-2800 cals low carb or what would u guys recomend?


cycle looks retarded as fuck

anavar only...really?

Op run test prop at 500mg a week 8 weeks with ED shots and 50mg winstrol oral ED for first 4 weeks

or save the winstrol until the last 4 weeks of the cycle and run it until you begin pct.


So youre just another guy that wants to use steroids for the 'cool factor'.

Sounds fun.