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Anavar Only Cycle (Yet Again.. lol)

Hi guys, yes, another var only cycle

I’ll be running a var only cycle at 60-70mg/ed for 8 weeks.

I’m just wondering if anyone was actually interested in having some feedbacks during/post cycle.

My diet is in check, cant go into too much detail about this but I’m working with Skip

Current stats :

Age : 23 (24 in april)

Current weight : 185.4 (pre refeed)
187.4 (post refeed)

BF : Unsure, refer to pic (Sorry, it wasnt a pic taken for this purpose… but it will have to do lol)
Height : 5’9.5

Training : DC

Goals : Tighten up, put on a bit of mass (5-6 pounds… i guess), add strenght (this will be beneficial on the longer term with DC)

Anyways, if I see that some people are interested, I can give some feedbacks.

Cycle is set to start in 1 week


I also plan on taking pictures next week before cycle
Midway thru at the 4 weeks mark
At the end of my cycle
4 weeks post cycle


8 weeks right? bump

Plans have been changed.

W 1-12 Test cyp 250mg e3d
W 3-14 40mg anavar ed
15-18 PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20

Started Feb 26th.

All hypothetical, of course.

There’s a current pic, if you care… lol

Looking really good man, I will report back once I am farther along as well. If I can stay that lean I should be able to make weight in time.