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Anavar Only Cycle - Plus Questions


Hey All,

I have been contemplating the use of steroids for a while (last 3yrs) but always felt there was something more I could do or hadn't tried to get me where I wanted to get to.

I have been training for the last 5 yrs and have achieved a lot personally in that time, I'm at a point where I do understand my body better now than I ever have done but still with a lot more to learn - which is cool!

Stats when I started -
25yrs old, 6'3, approx 301lbs, body fat approx 30ish+ %

Stats now -
30yrs old, 6'3, approx 216lbs, body fat approx 10-11%

I suffered a setback recently and I'm currently just following a simple Mark Rippetoe program till the New Year where once my strength and mobility are back to nearly full capacity will either go back to 5/3/1 or try out WS4SB.

My eating is Paleo, and I do stick to it 95% of the time.

My main lifts before my setback were:
Squat - 418
DL - 440
Bench - 275 (weakest lift - suffer tricep tendonitis problems)
Power Clean - 220

As mentioned I have been contemplating this for a few years and now feel I am at a point where training and nutrition are in the right zone.

I intend to run 50mg everyday for 6 wks with a 20 day PCT of Clomid at 25mg a day. I will also take some Milk Thistle throughout to keep the liver in check.

I have read the stickies and the various threads on Anavar only cycles, the negatives and the positives, but if anyone wants to chime in with some more then it can't hurt.

My goals are to add some subtle lean mass while keeping the bodyfat down, but ultimately get a harder drier look than I have been able to achieve before through regular dieting and conditioning. I am getting married in about 12 weeks time and I also want to look the best I ever have for my big day, vanity? yes but it's what I would like. I am also just quite curious as to how it will feel and what can be achieved with it.

I also considered GH but the costs were a bit much, maybe something for the future, I also looked into other peptides like GHRP6 + mod.GRF1 but struggled to find a reliable source in SA for such a protocol. Most over here haven't even heard of it!

I would also like to get some blood tests done before and after to see how the body handles and reacts to the Anavar. What are the tests I should be looking at having done to monitor this both for personal peace of mind and also for a continuous forum thread?

Is there anything I have missed on here that I should be considering?

Apologies if I've rambled on but many thanks in advance for your help.




Why anavar? Why not testosterone?


Anavar for me after reading every Anavar thread on TNation and other sites looks to offer what I am after the most.
Minimal sides, hard drier look to muscles, added strength, lean mass gains that by all accounts seem to be kept after the cycle, not as severe on body for shutdown, as far as orals go least toxic on the liver, and the end results all be it subtle, are potentially enough for me to reach my goals.

Where as Test for me, greater side effects, longer cycle, lot of size, lot of water retention, a lot of gains generally lost after cycle has finished, overall for me cost was similar. Really just not the result I am looking for from my first cycle.

I know people are going to comment on "do it big first time" and "var is a waste of money" - but it really does depend on your goals. I feel for the results I'm after anavar is the right choice for me and I'll do a thread with all stats before and after, pics etc and if it turns out to be a colossal waste of time then I'll take the beatings then :slight_smile:


Good luck bro, buying my batch of Var tomorrow and I already started on the Milf Thistle to prime the ol' liver from a long 10 years of heavy drinking :wink:

Oh you're doing it pretty much for the same exact reasons as my self except im gonna run 40mg ED for 4 weeks and see how it goes if i wanna do another 4 weeks and either +/- the doseage...



This is ridiculous. If you're coming off right, there's no reason why 'a lot' of gains should be lost.

Also, you can minimize water retention with an AI, you can use as long or short of a cycle with test (with the appropriate ester), and to be honest, if your test cycle is costing as much as a high dose anavar cycle, you MAY want to question how legit your var is. Just sayin'.

Also, if you're that dead set on an anavar only cycle, most will recommend increasing the dose to 60-80mg per day.

Bill Roberts also has commented on anavar and anadrol 'synergizing' very well together. He also just recently stated that anadrol sides when stacked with a non aromatising steroid are very minimal.

For what it's worth, I would think about the timing of this cycle. It's your wedding... You want this to go right. I wouldn't plan on running my PCT as the wedding is going on for two reasons (that I can think of right now)...

  1. I get a shitton of acne from SERMS (well, nolva, at least)... I wouldn't want to be guaranteed acne for my wedding day.

  2. PCT sucks, libido wise. I wouldn't want a low libido on my wedding night, nor my honeymoon.

Another thing to consider: after an oral cycle, your liver will need some rest... Just something to think about if you plan on drinking at your wedding/on your honeymoon.

I'm not familiar with clomid for PCT, but IIRC, a clomid PCT should be dosed higher than 25mg/day.


Bad research. easiest oral on the liver? Says who? Less sides then test? Says who? Side effects are dose dependant. You cant make blanket statements about these drugs. Everything is relative to how much is used and for how long. Just to mention a few things.

And doing a cycle that will shut you down and doesnt provide a source of replacement DHT and estrogen will not be too comfortable. And will be iffy when it comes to 'feeling like a man'.

There are better ways to go about this.

Var only is a waste. 300-400mg of test + AI + hCG + pct will certainly be better.


Hey RRJC - Thanks for the input, been away for long weekend hence delay in reply.

My apologies, I made a blanket statement about " a lot of gains" being lost after a test cycle" to be fair that was based on my own views (being in a gym all day) after seeing many guys who I see blowing up then shrinking rapidly after. If I think about those type of people they are also the type who are likely to do a cycle without research and probably don't use an AI + HCG + PCT.

The advise to the VAR only cycle was provided by someone I trust and who I know is deeply involved within this business and provides to some well respected BBers, sports professionals and regulars joes here in SA.

I will definitely have a look at the Bill Roberts article, sounds like an interesting read.

I think my biggest thing now to consider is actually the timing as to my wedding, I had planned to have finished my PCT a week before my wedding but seeing as I have never done this before it may be a lot better if I leave this until after the honeymoon.

Thanks again - a lot to consider.


Hey Bonez - thanks for chiming in, much appreciated.

I wouldn't of said bad research, as I have read nearly every thread on T-Nation involving VAR, plus plenty of other websites and seeking advice from professionals within the sports industry who deal with this stuff. What I may come back with is probably still a lack of full understanding rather than bad research, which also indicates that more re-reading should be done on my part.

You're correct in that I shouldn't make blanket statements either, also in that sides, toxicity etc are all dependent on dosage, individual tolerances, and other factors. What I based my statement (opinion) on was a lot of reading through forums and steroid websites that said out of the orals available VAR appeared to be the easiest on the liver even in fairly higher dosages, and the same for the sides etc etc.

I will re-look at a test cycle, but I am still in favour of VAR only at the moment, although as per m reply to RRJC I may well hold off until after my wedding and honeymoon.



I appreciate the feedback received so far...if I decide to continue with a VAR only cycle can someone point me in the right direction of what blood tests I should get done before during and after to make sure everything is still in check?

The same for a test cycle.

Many thanks