Anavar Only Cycle Help

Hey all, I’m new to the site but I’ve lurked on it for a while. This might be a long post, so bare with me if you can.

From the title I know what you’re thinking, ‘fuck, another noob asking about Anavar only cycles, use search function ffs’. Thing is, I’d like some help actually setting up a cycle for my personal stats before I actually go ahead and purchase this shit, so yeah if you think you can help - here are my “stats”:

Age : 18
Height : 5’7/172cm
Weight : 170lbs = 77KG
%Bodyfat: Varies between 14-16%
Experience : 2 & a half years lifting

Okay so my goals are pretty simple, I want to lose a fair amount of % body fat, enough that I can at least see my abs (I reckon like, 12% for me, 14% I get agonizingly close) and give my muscles a more defined, hardened look. I’ve heard Anavar is good for this, as it also gives some minor size gains, which I would also like. As you can guess from my choice I’m not looking for major gains right now, just a better aesthetic and no matter how much cardio I do, how hard I train, or how I tweak my diet, I can’t seem to achieve this without losing quite a lot more lean muscle than I am comfortable with.

My reasons for these goals are that as I mentioned, I’m kind of happy with my size right now, I don’t want to go onto the heavy injectable steroids and shit before I’ve even done the supposedly safe/mild ones like Anavar (I say supposedly because it’s just what I’ve read.)

So uh yeah, could someone experienced recommend some beginner doses for me and how long the cycle should last because I’ve researched it for a while now and it seems a lot of people are doing 50mg+ a day, which I feel is kind of high for what I’m personally looking for - but being a steroid virgin I have no idea, which is why I am asking - also, is liver protection needed for Anavar? Everything I read seems conflicting.

So aye, if anyone can help, PM me or post a reply, and thanks for your time, whether you get back to me or not

TL;DR - Don’t comment cos you need to read or it’s just another ‘Anavar’ thread.

if i were u i would run it 6 preferably 8 weeks at 80mg witch seems to be the sweet spot. dont expect any size gains if u are on a cutting diet its more for muscle and strength preservation. this cycle would really be much more effective stacked with test prefrably prop due to vars afinity for shbg and some other science u prob wont understand. also var is mild on the liver but supports supps cant hurt and are cheap so i dont see y not.

i would do more research and give it some more time if uve only been training 2 and a half years chances are u can make many more gains natty. if ur so worried about getting too small when cutting the get bigger before u start

Like beefcakes said, you would be better off running some Test with it.
Your E2 levels will crash as Anavar doesnt aromatise.
But then again most will say you are too young.