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Anavar Only Cycle for Someone on HRT


Hi, i'm 31, have been on HRT for many years (damaged HPTA from early adult hood, unrelated to bodybuilding) and have access to lots of anavar. HRT test dose is 125mg per week.

I can do 12 weeks of up to 150mg per day.

I was thinking of 100mg (divided doses) per day. Any benefits to higher?

I was thinking what type of gains could be expected? Would like to get a lot stronger. Not done roids before.
Advice on diet for recomp assuming maintenance of about 3200 cals.

I'm 5'6, 78-9kg, 13-15%.

Lifting Stats 1RM: Bench 155kg, weighted dips 97kg, front squats 160kg ATG, rows 120kgx5 (strictly parallel to floor), chin ups 50kgx4.

Do suck at some lifts - eg deadlift 200kg (which i am not doing ATM. Very strong at some others though (have done a 145kg proper form bb lunge)

Main goals:
- started near daily FS program, want to add 20kg to it so no other leg exercises
- 105kg+ dip video on youtube
- gain a few kg, lose a few kg of fat (I've been leaner before)


Is this var prescribed by doctor?


No the var is not prescribed by Dr lol.


No the var is not prescribed lol (I wish)....


Anavar will add strength but that's not the best purpose for it, Var works good at complimemting a test cycle which is exactly what i'm running. I would never run a oral only cycle!


i would stick with 8 weeks of var. why not bump your trt dose up to 500 a week for 12 weeks? There would be no pct, just simply drop back to your trt dose when done.


How much test you running? I have access to endless amounts (or at least a lot lol) of Var, and I have 3 vials of test 250 and 2 vials at 200 of my TRT script.. good results so far?


this is good advice, though anavar will destroy your lipid profile


really? WW what would be your advice on running Var with Test? Would 1000mg of Milk Thistle and Liv52 be benefical at all?


liv52 would certainly be beneficial.. it will still destroy your lipid profile tho


Fack! What is your advice on running Var, how much for how long? How would you run test with it? Appreciate any info WW, I'm learning a lot from you.


I don't use orals at all myself.. but if I had 5 grams of anavar and I absolutely had to use it, I would run 100mg ED for 50 days..

seriously though, test is way better, cheaper, and easier on your system.