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Anavar Only Cycle for Powerlifting? (18 Yrs Old)

I’m currently eighteen years of age. I powerlifting at a 132 lb. class. Yes, I understand that’s small and you’re probably thinking “Don’t even think about steroids at that weight” I’m on the shorter side and that’s a lean 132 and it’s weight I choose to compete at. I’ve weighed much higher than what I compete at and plan to compete next year at 148.

I’m currently a junior and have won some first place medals in my class. I’m currently lifting 215 on bench, 355 on deadlifts, and 315 on squat. I have a relatively easy time with winning in my weight class. Currently, my coach actually doesn’t want me to move up since if I did, I’d beat the 148 lifters, thus knocking us out of team points.

I’d like to get stronger. If I’m going to be stuck here for the next few competitions, I’d like to at least attempt some state records and since I have to cut weight for this class, I’d like to kee my muscle.

My growth plates have virtually fused and I’m not likely to grow anymore. I’ve been around steroids for a while, so I know to properly cycle them, diet and train on them, and what to do after them for post cycle treatment.

Again, this is not something I want to do just for fun or to look good. This is to win more competitions and potentially break state records. I’m mostly aware of the effects, but I’d like some advice on if this is something that I should be cautious of. Outside opinions are always good.

Thank you in advance, and if you have any questions please ask. At the moment I’m kind of having to rush this, so if I left anything out, just ask.

Are you trolling? or are you for real? If powerlifting isn’t something you’re doing “just for fun or to look good”, state records don’t mean anything.

At 18, you can put on mad strength and size without steroids. I used to fight Muay Thai at 132 and now I compete in powerlifting at 198. Stop cutting weight, and you’ll have plenty of instant size and strength gains just from that.

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If I don’t cut the weight at my class, I’ll be in the next class. I’d still most likely win based on the recent lifts I’ve seen, but my team already has the 148 winner. If I were to bump up and join his class, and win, we’d be out of points. Plus, at a lower class, more impressive wins earn us more points as a team.

I have a small bone structure so it’s a lot easier for me to cut than anyone else, so I have no problem with it.

And about the trolling part, even though it doesn’t mean much, I definitely don’t think state records are meaningless. It’s better than taking a full cycle just to look good. At least I have a clear goal in mind.

I don’t think restricting your size at your age and experience level is going to be helpful for long term growth or long term success. You don’t need a full cycle to break a state record at a weight class that has maybe 4-5 total competitors in the whole state. Narrow it down to junior and it’s probably even smaller.

Dunno what fed you’re in, but I believe USPA counts the top 2 per weightclass per team. But no coach would recommend limiting your own success for a few points at a state level meet. Think big. You can cut weight when you’re breaking national and world records.

Thank you didn’t the respectful reply. It’s just varsity though, not exactly a federation as of joe. Although I plan to do those soon.

I’ll be honest. I’ve only been training powerlifting for around a week now. I have little to no experience with squat or deadlift. I have done a lot of bench, but never in sets to get stronger. I’ve mostly done bodybuilding until someone mentioned to me that maybe I could win some trophies in powerlifting.

I think I mentioned it, but currently I’m at…
134 body weight
215 bench press
310 squat
355 deadlift

and I’ve genuinely never trained strength and i have mostly ever done bodybuilding with dumbbells. I guess I was just being eager and wanting to rush because I seen potential.

Next year I do personally plan to compete at 148 lbs no matter what. We’re already in season so there’s no way I could make the classes for this school year.

I’d like to lean bulk progressively and go a bit over 148, cut down to about 148 right before season starts. And hopefully destroy some varsity records and definitely enter some amateur and official competitions.

I personally don’t plan on staying natural forever, but I do want to make that change when the time is right and I’d like all the advice available to judge when that time is.

No, you shouldn’t do an anavar only cycle. The only, only-cycle anyone should do is Test; but at 18 you shouldn’t even do that. At 18 your natural testosterone should be raging; don’t fuck that up.

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If you’re this new to it, you absolutely have no business undergoing any enhancement, and you’ve got solid numbers for your size, age, and experience.

Put in a couple of years, grow, and milk all the natty gains. Now with powerlifting and a caloric surplus, I could see you getting up to 165 or 181 with ease naturally. Powerlifters aren’t tall, so I don’t think you should worry about staying a low weight class just for your height. I’m 5’8 and I’m taller or around the same height as other 198ers. I used to tower over opponents when I fought at 132 (and I’d usually rehydrate/eat my way to 145-150 after weigh-ins).

On a personal note, I’m natty elitist as FUCK, but I also acknowledge that I won’t stay natty forever either. I just know it’s not time yet for me.

Oh, I’m about 5’6” by way.

Anyway, this is kind of off topic. Do you believe that it could be possible to hit these lifts, based off what I’ve shown so far with my numbers and experience level. I’ll add my goals at both classes since I’m unsure what I’ll choose to compete at next year, if I can hit 165 I’ll consider.

148 class
300 bench
495 dead
405 squat

165 class
335 bench
545 dead
455 squat

Those are high goals, but I feel it’s best to aim high. I’ve only been actually lifting since around August, I did some stuff before that but nothing serious or consistent. Even now I don’t lift consistently or anything. I personally think I have some potential so I definitely plan to start taking it serious from here on out.

Check out some of the records in your state for bench marking:
And here are the national records:

I’m not sure how fast you can progress at your size, but bench will be really limited by your bodyweight. I think even the 148lbers at my gym cap off at like 290.

Take it seriously for a few cycles, push your sets, don’t sandbag accessory work, and you’ll get a better idea.

Fuck up your hormones at 18 for a state record? If these are your goals you really need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I understand thats a hard thing to do at 18 but try to imagine yourself at 30 with a limp dick explaining to your potential wife that its from setting that state record back in 2019 while you polish your trophy and confirm your 28th order for overseas viagra

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I get you’re just joking around, but did you read really any of what I said and what I said while replying to others? Like any of it? Even if I did do the cycle, the dosage would be very low. Just enough to give some strength.

Thousands of teens do steroids around the country, and have for years. Half of which probably don’t even know what to do aside from just pinning and taking some pills to grow. A lot of them don’t end of with long term effects either.

I understand this is an exception, and not the rule, but regardless, you’re overly generalized reply just comes off as dumb and just looking to say something.

Thousands of teens do, and they shouldn’t, and as a result they encounter reproductive health problems later in life. Even low dosages can impact your reproductive and hormonal health. You’re better off eating more to give you some strength.

I know. I’ve lowered my stance on this since receiving the advice. I was just responding to the dumb comment above yours.

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To add on to what @SOUL_FIGHTER said thousands of kids also abuse hard drugs, doesn’t mean it’s right… You wanna stick to the mild ones like meth

I’m obviously kidding here


I think you mean


I understand your new here so you probably haven’t seem some of my response to the teens that come here acting like they have all the knowledge (even tho they are asking for validation from a forum of people who have much more knowledge and is telling them something they don’t want to hear) but my response was really mild i wasnt disrespectful which i easily could have been by calling you an immature 18yr old who doesnt know shit and thinks he does. I could have been much more sarcastic by telling you its a great idea and to up the dosage to *enter some crazy number. But no i simply explained that settinf a state goal isnt that big of a deal that you should risk messing up your hormones for it at the age of 18. I then went in to paint a very realistic picture of where you could easily end up. I apologize if you didnt like it because it wasnt sugar coated and fed to you thru a sippy cup like most teens these days like thier criticism.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. And i hope you are able to prioritize the next 5 - 10 years before you base your decision off of statistics and what happned to the teen before you etc,

I don’t plan on using, and I’ve been around anavar, dianabol, and test for a while now. I’ve seen what they can do and I’ve learned about them in that regard. I was just calling you out for over generalization. I understand the risks of steroids at my age, but maybe some people don’t mind and find it worth it? Even if it is a bad decision? It’s certainty safer than a lot of recreational drugs nowadays, and millions of people do them. So maybe, just maybe people are okay and accept the risks? I mean, I work with venomous and dangerous animals as a part time kind of job, and I understand the risks of that, but maybe, just maybe I accept those risks and do it because I enjoy it?

If you have to cheat to get there then maybe they are?


Do you really believe that most state records are drug free? I mean, most of them aren’t tested whatsoever.

And besides, what subjects something as meaningless? Shouldn’t that be subjective to the one doing it. I’ve stated that I’m backing away from trying these drugs out for the foreseeable future, but I still don’t get this point that most people bring up rather than giving actual advice.

Who are you to say something is meaningless because subjectively to you, it doesn’t mean the same? I mean, whatever we do in life all has the same outcome anyways, and maybe someone values something personally and is willing to accept and take risks to accomplish their goals?

How about people give actual advice about the situation, rather than berating them constantly about what’s important and what should matter to them? Why not present the facts and give advice and let the other person decide if they believe the risks are worth it. Most people who are willing and in a long constant debate on steroid use, definitely probably know the risks. Again, maybe some people are willing to accept them?

People like ‘zeek1414’ and ‘flappinit’ do an awful job at actually giving and helping the person make the choice because they believe otherwise. Again, just to state this once more, maybe some people value certain goals over others, and who are you to tell them that their goals are meaningless simply because you don’t think it’s worth it?

Look at someone like Calum Von Moger, he’s set on social media, he’s financially secure, and he really has no actual need to get huge and a take high dose of steroids. However, he’s stated his goal is to make the Olympia. Would you tell him that’s a stupid goal? I mean, it wouldn’t be much of a financial gain due to him competing in classic, but maybe it’s what he personally wants to do?

Maybe actually try to give some advice next time? Use some sense without generalizing maybe? Be a sensible and actually beneficial adult and use what knowledge you perceive you have for actual good rather than just staying what you personally believe?

Alrighty then. Is it the end of the world if you use anabolic steroids? No, probably not. Chances are (most likely) that you’ll bounce back, whether you’ll bounce back to you’re baseline hormonal status is a different story.

How risky is using anabolics in this stage of you’re life?

Well, given that you’re prefrontal cortex doesn’t finish developing until roughly 25 years of age, give or take a few years based on genetics. Using anabolics may have a deleterious impact on the structural development of you’re brain. This may be minor to moderate in nature given that the vast majority of you’re brain development is complete by 18 (still a wee bit occurs from 18-25). Nandrolone (and 19-nors) in particular has been shown to downregulate 5-ht (serotonin receptors) in various parts of the brain, including the prefrontal cortex (mostly rodent models, however it does appear in this case to carry over into human relation).

The brain also contains androgen receptors, therefore structural abnormalities in the brains of those using high dose AAS (regardless of age) have been routinely found, these findings could.not be correlated with any changes in depression, IQ or mental state. Now one small study did find a difference in visuospacial memory between AAS and non AAS users while another found the difference to be not of clinical significance. The structural changes may indicate AAS induced neurotoxicity though.

With regard to you’re endocrine system, data shows that when used in young men (I’m talking about a study from long ago, I’d find it but i’m kinda taking a nap while typing this so potato), in which kids were given supra doses of aromatising AAS to combat excess tall stature (close growth plates) found that compared to kids who weren’t treated, test levels and sperm counts ended up lower compared to adult controls. Did the kids recover? Yes, they all recovered, however the fact that the ending test levels and sperm counts were lower to a STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT degree compared to their untreated counterparts likely hints that permeant damage was done. However other variables (lifestyle, reccy drug use etc) may not have been considered, given the study size, I wouldn’t be surprised if the AAS treatment was a major culprit of the statistically significant lower T and sperm counts.

Finally, you may be unaware of the risks. Are you aware of the possibility of various not so fun complications such as

  • development of cardiomyopathy
  • accelerated rates of atherosclerotic plaque buildup (ESPECIALLY with orals)
  • neurotransmitters… NEURO effects
  • blood pressure
  • nephrotoxicity (esp with orals)

That’s about all I have to say. It’s you’re life, it isn’t the end of the world if you use given that you probably won’t die, however it is a bad decision to make.

And… As to you’re comment about drugs being more risky. I’d say it’s quite a bit safer if you smoked a singular joint compared to taking one cycle of AAS, so long as you aren’t prone to and have never had a psychotic breakdown. Now if we were saying “one 10mg pill of Dbol or a joint” I’d say “no one takes Dbol like that therefore that’s irrelevant”