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Anavar on Low BF


Anavar seems to have a high potential for dropping body fat, are there any serious issues using Anavar while already having a low body fat? I want to use it for its strength gain potential but I am currently fairly low bf, do I need to stack on some fat before using it to be safe or should my increased diet stop it from having any more serious negative effects?

I do know having a higher bf would help in over all strength increase and the little mass it does put on would also be helped.

this isn't current but will give you a clue to what I mean with my size. I am a little bigger now but if anything my BF may have dropped :(.

I am planning on stacking it I am just unsure of what with yet but the first draft right now is:

weeks 1-6 250mg per week Cyp
20/30mg per day Dbol kick start (guessing 4 weeks)
weeks 6-10 30mg Anavar per day
week 7- 200mg cyp
week 8- 150mg cyp
week 9- 100mg cyp
week 10- 50mg cyp

+Nolva 20mg per 2 days starting week 10 or if Gyno starts to rear its ugly head.

I am a newbie so I can understand that this could be horrible but I am trying to learn as I go right now so please keep your critique constructive.

I would like to right more but I am running late now.

p.s. I am not here for a moral battle on if I should be using so keep those opinions to yourselves.


I think the idea of magic properties with regard to fat needs to be forgotten.

It seems extremely unlikely to me that any Class I androgen (one working principally or entirely via the androgen receptor), e.g. oxandrolone is going to accomplish anything that a comparable dose of testosterone will not, given equal estrogen levels.

I think that what has happened is people have misattributed the additional effects (beyond androgenic effect) of correlated lowered estrogen level while taking oxandrolone alone, to the oxandrolone itself.

I don't know of anyone finding that adding oxandrolone to a strong testosterone stack with no aromatase inhibitor added any magic fat loss properties. In that case estrogen stays the same.

I suggest using just the testosterone and enough AI to keep estrogen low normal. Kick up the testosterone by perhaps twice as many mg per week as you were thinking of taking as oxandrolone, so as to probably not be reducing androgen effect. With your above figures, that would be say 600 mg cypionate per week, preferably as 2 or 3 injections per week.

Drop the change-the-dosage-all-over-the-place approach and just do the same throughout. If (if) a stack is what it should be for you in a given week, then something quite different is NOT going to be right for you other weeks, is it.

Unless there is some specific reason having to do with drastic dieting or training change. But even in this case this tapering off stuff is not the way to go. Just stop the injections at the beginning of week 8.


A single dose of oxand is capable of causing nephroptosis-Id hold off on the steroids until you are about 30lbs bigger to prevent this. Possibly 30lbs and a year or two since your profile says your twenty. You should be safe by then.

EDIT: In case you didn't get it, you have way to much size to gain naturally to start using now (Especially when your age is taken into consideration).


I do understand this but as I said this is not to debate the fact of if I should or not. I am not planning on doing this right now I am going to be atleast 21 before I start the cycle and with that a few Kg heavier.


Thanks for the advice, I will hold the oxandrolone for another time. I am unsure of the 600mg of Cyp, with the price of steroids in Australia that would cost me $2250 if I can even get that much. I am shopping around as much as I can but it is still very difficult to get in Aus. That and I can only get 100mg per 1ml Cyp but I guess that splitting it up over 3 days should eliminate any serious muscle soreness.

Thanks again.


That is an insane price!

Hopefully some fellow Australians can say whether it is really necessary to pay so much.

Strange also that substituting testosterone for oxandrolone, even at a 2:1 ratio, would be MORE expensive.


Well on a positive side looks like I can get arimidex. :smiley: Any and all E-Blockers and Steroids you can get a hold of in Aus are a god send.