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Anavar - Kick Me the Real Feal

I’m looking for some credible information on the effects of Anavary - namely, toxicity and HPTA suppression.

It seems the most you will find online is at best been anecdotal, and usually conflicting. I noticed that the people who post at this forum, much more so than others I have seen, tend to have solid info backed up by credible sources - scholarly journals and such, even if the studies don’t correlate 100% with bodybuilding.

Just how toxic is Anavar, at what dosages, and where are the effects seen? Just how suppressive is, at what dosages and periods of time? These are the questions that I seek research-based evidence for, I know a lot of you guys are well-informed when it comes to scientific literature on the matter and have studies and articles to cite. Information about the toxic and suppressive effects for low doses over long periods of time are especially of interest.

When your personal experience contradicts what seems like the “general consensus” on forums, you begin to really question the information floating around. If you believed what most people seem to say online about this particular compound, you would likely think that it is a very weak steroid for BB purposes, it will shut you down and destroy your lipids even at low doses, and should only be taken for short periods of time at high doses. See my own experience below if interested:

There has been noticeable positive effects in body composition and strength, albeit mild compared common mass-building cycles, with a relatively small daily dose of 12mg. This might be because of the length of time at this daily dose, which is about 12 weeks straight, with effects becoming noticeable in the latter part of the timeframe. Sexual function seems unaffected, good sex drive, consistent morning wood, so on. Doctor said cholesterol looks fine at last checkup. Maintain very healthy eating habits 99.9% of the time: lots of organic veggies, local seasonal fruit, lots of protein and healthy fats (paleo/primal lifestyle). Aside from lifting (mostly squats/deads/pullups), I do intense interval cardio (15-30min) thrice weekly. Never drink alcohol or smoke.