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Anavar in Low Doses


Hi there.

Leading into my comp prep im thinking about adding in some anavar towards the 6 week out mark for some added hardness/vascularity (not looking for gains at that point). My sources here in australia can only get 10 or 15mg tabs in lots of 50 for between $200-250. That being said i dont think its worth forking out a grand for a high dose. At what dose would i see the hardness/vasularity benefits?



fuck me that is a lot of money.

Honestly mate, I wouldn’t bother running var at less than 100mg. It’s quite a subtle steroid anyway.

Check out methylstenbolone. It’s a legal designer steroid I’m running just now (don’t normally touch those things but it was cheap…). You shouldn’t have any problem getting a hold of it seeing as it’s legal, and it’s doing some pretty var-esque things to me.


I might have a look into that. Would var at say 30mg daily do much in terms of vascularity/hardness? Thats about as much as i would go for, i can get 15mg tabs x50 for 240 as well which is slightly better but still bloody horrible.


na, 30mg won’t do a thing


I once ran 40-50 mg along with 800 mg test enth, 150mg deca. I did enth and deca for 4 months an added the Anavar for the last month. I thought it gave me something extra but like you said, it was subtle and hard to know if it was placebo or not. It felt like I got some extra strength, endurance and vascularity.


If i offer my “gut feeling opinion” it would be:
It probably will do some good if you can afford it, but i think winstrol would do more.


First off: Long time lurker first post here: (had account before, but lost info.)
I am currently on my first cycle… test around 420 per week… and just added in anavar not even 2 weeks ago. Running 40 mg per day.
I am in a weird spot due to recent shoulder injury, so I can only really train legs, abs, deadlifT, etc… That being said, it does appear that the anavar has increased my definition in the upper body- which is unfortunately relatively untrained since everything really started kicking in.
My shoulder does seem to be getting better fairly rapidly (rotator cuff tear shown on MRI)- possibly the anavar played a role but who knows.
I guess the decision is to keep going and try to focus on abs legs and deadlift. I will check back in if the anavar is notably effective at 40 mg.


Decided not to use anavar until i can find a source that has 20mg tabs at a resonable price. I dont really fancy forking out 1k for 4 weeks of 105mg/day


60mg a day would be the minimum for effective results


did you check out methylstenbolone? I’m in my second week of it now and it’s doing all kinds of cool stuff.


Var ain’t cheap and if you find a “good deal” it’s probably fake. I wouldnt run less than 60-80mgs a day personally. 100-120 is nice


Just saw this what do you mean cool stuff