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Anavar in Low Dose for Collagen Synthesis?

Hello everyone, since this is my first post I will try to keep it short. I was simply wondering if anavar taken in low dosages such as 5-10mg ed in a test-e cycle (10 weeks) would help with collagen synthesis? As test-e in dosages such as 500mg/week reduces the body’s collagen production by ~ 50-80%. I’ve done a couple test-e cycles before, but had terrible knee pains and elbow pains. If anyone has any idea I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Also, I know that orals are extremely toxic to the liver so taking the anavar would be only for six weeks. Probably starting week 3? that way i’d have it directly in the middle of the cycle? Or do you guys think I should take it in the very beginning? Once again, any advice, exp., and speculation would be greatly helpful.


It’s not worth it at a low dose. There’s a minimum threshold for positive benefits. Just take 50mg/d and get all the benefits rather than trying to get something from a low dose. Otherwise you’re just wasting money.