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Anavar Headaches?

Just introduced anavar into my cycle. Those of you who’ve run var- did it produce headaches?
I’m running a moderate dose at 40mg daily. I’ve been on test for weeks now. BP fluctuations but no consistent headaches.

I did not experience a single headache while on 50mg daily. Has anything else changed? How’s water intake?


Water could be better. Everything else seems fine as compared to just using my test. I’m amazed at how well tolerated testosterone alone is. I was thinking about bumping my var dosage up a skosh but I should probably wait until this headache thing clears.

I got a mild headache the first day and felt slightly lathagic but jumped straight in with 50mg in the morning. I then started to split it and take twice a day and tolerated it much better. Took 50mg twice a day after a while and seemed to be used to it and was fine.

Maybe try splitting the dose for a while

My dose is split

Are they in the back of your head? I had those from excess tightening of the traps.

@jimbotrt was on 50mg for a while then just bumped up to 75mg. Maybe he can comment on the headaches

I do get headaches regularly, like once or twice a month. A bit of ibuprofen knocks them out. I’ve always though they are the tension type headaches. Tight traps and neck, clinching jaw, forward head posture, causes headache.

But this was like 3 out of 4 days right when I started the var. might be coincidence. Ibuprofen didn’t help much either.

I’ve been running 75mg / day for the last two and half weeks. I dose at 8 a.m, 3 p.m and between 11 and midnight. I haven’t experienced any headaches. I have encountered a few intense muscle cramps in the upper back / neck region, but they went away within 15-20 minutes. That only happened a couple times during the past two weeks and only when on 75mg. I never had any issues at 50mg.

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I definitely experienced var headaches and ive got a buddy running var right now and he is experiencing the same thing. My headaches lasted about 5 or 6 days. After that I forgot to take it one day and started back the next. The headaches never came back after that


I’ve experienced headaches on var, was on 60-70mg, so did a friend of mine.

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No headaches, but libido dropped. I probably will not run it again as the strength impact was minimal IMO. Strength is what I’m after.