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Anavar for Women

Wanted some professional advice on this ladies and gents. Lately Jane D. has been bugging me to advise her on a “short” cycle of anavar. Bear in mind she has never used AAS, is in her late 20’s, a former elite aquatic athlete and consistent in her training and diet. She wants to build a little more muscle and stegthen some connective tissue before an upcoming event (9weeks out). I don’t think she needs it and wonder if twill make a difference (at a safe dosage anyway) - but I know nothing about female cycles and how anavar interacts with the female body. Thanks in advance for the help.

My ex ran a cycle starting at 5mg Daily for the first week, 10mg the second, 15mg weeks 3-5, then tapered off. Her sex drive was crazy the first 3 weeks. I wouldn’t recommend more than 10mg daily for a woman. That’s my advice, she can use clen 2weeks on 2 weeks off during the cycle if she chooses to, and Nolvadex after the cycle to scrub away any fat lingering around. This may be a little aggressive but not unheard of for female physique athletes, for performance enhancement I would suggest Var alone at the doses stated for 6 weeks :slight_smile: hope that helped

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Awesome thank you! I will put the advice in play and follow up.

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Anavar is great for women. My gf runs cycles of 10mg with a one week taper on and one week taper off at 5mg. She got strong as fuck and looks great.

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Anavar has been hard to come by. My wife ran 10mg/day of winstrol 4 weeks out from her show along with a low dose of t3. The increase in strength and overall well being propelled fat loss and kept cortisol down. We dropped winni at 5 days out… she had some slight water retention, but nothing of serious note.