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Anavar for Women - First Cycle


I have just recently started my first anavar cycle. I'm doing 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the evening. In only 3 weeks, I'm seeing massive strength gains which I'm quite happy with and I can already see a difference in my muscle density which seems quick but still good

My concern is the weight I am gaining - I have to preface this with I did my first bikini show about 6 weeks ago so I was already leaner than I normally would be but now I am heavier than when I dieted in the first place (meaning I've put on nearly 20lbs since the show). My diet is largely the same (1600 calories daily, approx. 80% of the time, meaning I now go out for dinner 1-2x/week but otherwise food is the same). I feel really puffy I guess and don't know if this is normal

I keep reading that anavar is a great tool for fat loss and muscle gain, I just don't think I have the right balance....is this something that will level out - ie should I continue to use it for a few weeks or should I be cutting back? Should this be paired with extra cardio or specific diet restrictions? I'm not really sure next moves. I plan to compete again at the end of October so I don't want to mess around too much


20mg/day to start out was too high right out of the gate. What was your goal from taking this?


Sounds like possible water retention which anavar should not be causing. Anavar is faked often so you need to trust your source a lot.

Are you taking anything else?


Just looking to put on a little muscle and lean out a bit..


Not taking anything else aside from my regular supplementation schedule which hasn't changed over the last 6months or so (vitamins, glutamine, etc)


It could be post contest rebound, anavar could be something other than var, or a combo of both.

Are you having any other sides other than what sounds like water retention?


not at all - I guess its all new for me - post contest rebound - my first show so I'm not 100% how that even feels.

I think I should reduce the dose and tighten the diet for a week and see how things go - does that make sense? ie drop down to 5/day?

I don't want to drop it all together as I'm worried it would have a bad reaction and result in more water retention/adverse effects?


Post contezt rebound is very common esp with first time competitors. Its mainly from increasing calories too quickly. Same thing happened to me. I put on about 30lbs in 3 weeks. A lot was water. But if you started putting on water weight right after taking the oral its most likely from that.

You should be fine if you wanted to just discontinue use but try dropping the dose in half and see what happens. But to my knowledge anavar should not cause water retention because it doesnt aromatize


Anavar really shouldn't cause water retention. At least I have not personally experienced it or when I have seen women use it.


20 mg/day Anavar is 140 mg/week, and is comparable in anabolic effect to even more testosterone than that.

For reference, 140 mg/week is a full hormone replacement therapy dose for a man. Of course you're putting on weight and muscle rapidly.

Searle originally dosed oxandrolone at 2.5 mg/tab for a reason. It was an effective anabolic for woman at this dose and had relatively little virilization problems.

The higher dose 10 mg/tablet Oxandrin brand was medically introduced for AIDS treatment (seriously, by BioTechonology General) but this dosing for women commonly leads to virilization.

10 mg at a time is entirely suitable for today's female bodybuilding. Not for bikini.


This sounds like figure pro rather than bikini fitness to me.
I might be wrong it's long time since i took any look at bikini girls they might have evolved in muscularity. Or not. =)


a lot of women like superdrol

2.5mg a day. some up it to 2.5 2x/day