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Anavar for High SHBG

I’m wondering what people think of low dose Anavar to reduce SHBG.

My levels are anywhere from 65-95

If I increase Test, i am very likely to need an AI.
My total test is already way up 40 nmol

What is he general us and experience of low dose as a method of reducing SHBG?

@physioLojik any advice much appreciated

It’s difficult to affect SHBG, I see lots of guys wasting time on medications that don’t really work to lower SHBG. Some men who have higher SHBG see more fluctuations in levels, they start taking a medication (false hope) thought to lower SHBG, then they see their SHBG go down and swear that it’s the medication, then they see it increase again.

Then they realize SHBG levels do fluctuate, SHBG levels aren’t static. All of our hormone naturally fluctuate and you have to play SHBG where it is and design a TRT protocol to deal with it.

Your liver is going to continue to overproduce SHBG, you might as well deal with it by changing your TRT protocol to manipulate it.



I have high SHBG - currently 94 - and am desperately trying to deal with it. Will post
and update soon on recent labs etc.

As far as Anavar(Oxandrolone) goes for controlling SHBG this article is worth a read:

Do let me, and the community, know how your progress continues.


In my limited reading, bodybuilders tend to go the Anavar route and I don’t fully understand why other than it may have other benefits??

I have experimented with Proviron, and continue to experiment with Danazol. For me, Danazol lowered my SHBG substantially. And to test, I stopped taking it, and re-tested my blood to see the change and it again went high.

My journey is here

Hi Systemlord
My Total Test is at 40.5 on trough day.
My protocol was 50mg enanthate plus 500iu HCG every 3.5 days.
SHBG 65.

I am now taking T3 too, which no doubt will increase SHBG.

Just how high can I push my Total test without other implications?

I’ve tried all the nettle root etc, makes no difference.

Hi debooza
Any idea why your SHBG is so high?
How are you looking to lower it?
What is your current protocol?

Hi traveling-man, I have followed your log with interest.
I have a prescription for Proviron but am yet to get hold of it. I understand that Proviron will only bind with SHBG rather than reduce it.

Anavar and Winstrol will lower it.
I believe Winstrol is the less liver friendly option.

I have never heard of Danazol.
Did the cut in SHBG and subsequent increase in Free T make you feel any better?
Having success with the Danazol, why did you stop?

Hi banjoplayer

I can’t be sure why my SHBG is so high. I do have a theory though.

I started TRT in May 2017. SHBG was then at 51. Protocol was via NHS:
Sustanon 250 once every 2 weeks no AI.

That went on until Dec 2017 when I was better educated through research
and the yoyoing of the protocol. I then went private and was put on the following

62.5mg TE250 twice weekly, 125mg per week, no AI.

The periodical blood tests I had from then until 6th Jun 2018
did show an increasing rise in SHBG, mmm.

From 6th Jun 2018 up to now I’ve been on the following protocol:

150mg TE250 once per week, one shot plus 6.25 aromasin every other day.

Libido, ED has been shite from the start. However, from 6th Jun, the last
protocol, I have experienced several days in a row of very high libido
and excellent erections, but nothing consistent.

I’ll get results of bloods sometime this week and plot it with the other
tests I have had done since the 6th and I ‘should’ be able to pinpoint
the numbers where my libido spiked. Hopefully adjusting protocol for a more
consistent libido.

Anyway, my theory. I theorize that being on test only, no AI, caused a lot
of aromatization. Which in turn increased my SHBG. Just a theory but there is
evidence out there that it does happen.

I have a hunch, in order to lower SHBG, that I’ll be changing my protocol
to something like the following:

225mg TE250 per week, one shot a week. Maybe more.

I’ll adjust the AI when numbers are in.

At this stage I’m not sure tampering with another chemical to lower SHBG
is wise. It’s being produced for a reason, just can’t nail down what. However,
if I see no benefit of higher T dosing in another eight weeks I will as I’m not sure
throwing ever increasing doses of T at it is healthy long term. But then again
is adding Anavar? Rock and a hard place.

As always I would love any tips from others, especially protocols as I sure no clinics/Doctors are going to prescribe T in doses above 200mg per week. I may have to go solo.


Hi @debooza. I am UK based and very interested in your journey. I am 8 weeks into mine.

I am a high SHBG guy, started with it at around 52 I think. I have been on 250mg sust every 8 days so quite a hefty dose, plus 60mg Mesterolone (Proviron) every day and .25 anastrozole every 3rd day. I just had my 6 week bloods and my SHBG has risen to 65 ish! Definitely not what I was expecting
I have a call with my facilitator tomo when I will discuss things including Aromasin.

Do you mind if I ask what provider you use? Do you pay through the nose for the enanthate?


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@banjoplayer What Testosterone are u taking for your Blood result to go as high as 40 Nmol? just wondering what protocol test

Hi Danny
My protocol before this test had been 50mg test e and 500iu hcg every 3.5 days

Hi deadl1ft
I’m with Rob Stevens down in Poole.
He goes with Test enanthate plus hug and tries to avoid giving ai.
He knows his stuff and is easy to talk to.
The clinic recommends getting the enanthate from Germany, it comes in at under £10 per ampoules of 250mg

Hi debooza
I thought increasing Total test forced SHBG down?

I am looking at Anavar as I don’t think my Total test can go up much more without causing problems with blood and estrogen levels.

From the reading I have done, Anavar at low levels is very effective at lowering SHBG and doesn’t cause the liver any harm.
I believe this is the method Dr Rand McLain uses to lower SHBG with his patients.

I have been prescribed Proviron but have not been able to get hold of it yet. I will give it a try, but am pretty sure it won’t have a significant effect. We will see.

So many things to say here!

I started with low dose Danazol, shbg was lowered, but I wasn’t feeling better. I stopped and went to proviron, but didn’t feel it was working. I returned to Danazol and increased my dose. After a while, I added Proviron as well. My T levels had decreased due to the time since my last pellet insertion, and I felt great for a short period of time then it stopped.

I stopped Danazol because 1) I needed to see if SHBG would skyrocket again, and 2) I wanted to take a short break to see if or how my mood changed. I am back on a double dose of Danazol, but am not seeing erection quality improved – which is a real downer.

My doctor wasn’t “gung ho” at first on supra levels of T. I provided him with some of the studies I found, Including one from the founder of BioTE, and that made him more comfortable. But I do agree with you - I’m trying to determine whether high doses of T are helping me.

My experience with it confirms the old adage “everyone is different”. I have not given up on proviron, and I hope you do give it a try.

Thanks for posting about your experiences. It helps all of us.

Exactly as banjoplayer below says.

I’m with Rob Stevens out of Poole - https://www.lilliputhealth.co.uk/practitioners/dr-robert-stevens/

Hope this helps.

Any other info wanted feel free to ask,


Hope this helps. Any other info wanted then just ask,


Hi debooza

If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?
When did you start noticing issues etc?
What SHBG results have you had thus far?
Have you had any gut or thyroid issues?



Hi traveling-man

It will be interesting to see how a higher dose of Proviron woks. I pick mine up this week!

Out of interest, why do you choose pellets rather than injection?
I would have though injection delivers te steadiest most predictable dose?



Hi banjoplayer
You can ask what you like.

If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?
When did you start noticing issues etc?
What SHBG results have you had thus far?
Have you had any gut or thyroid issues?

Age: 52.
14% BF.

When did you start noticing issues etc?
I only had the total realization what was going
on in Apr 2017. But if I reflect over a few prior
years the signs where there. Think it’s because
of the slow creep of hypogonadism you get used to it then
suddenly it cannot be dealt with.

19-Apr-2017 57
15-May-2017 59
20-Dec-2017 78.5
06-Feb-2018 78.5
09-Apr-2018 83.8
04-Jun-2018 91.2
06-Jul-2018 93.3

Don’t have any gut or thyroid issues to my knowledge. I’ll be getting another thyroid panel done later this month to compare.
I’m also waiting for blood results too so when I get them I’ll
be posting my collated results for advice from the community.

I tried Proviron 2 X 25mg per day. Done nothing for me regarding
libido. No idea what effect it had on TT, FT or e2.



Proviron doesn’t seem to be doing a lot for my shbg, but it is early days

Hi banjoplayer, I don’t want to fill up your thread with my information … so I’ll give you a direct link to the exact post where I explained it. High T, FSH, SHBG, Low E2 No Libido. My Lab Results

PS: What dosage of proviron did the doctor suggest you start with?

Oh, and btw … I think I linked to this study before, but it is one of the more interesting ones I found on Danazol. It is a study involving women, rather than men, but I find the overall summary to be interesting (never mind the fact that the doses they use were crazy-hight). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6594001

I wish I had similar links for anavar but I don’t … sorry.