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Anavar for Height


Will anavar help maximize height gain for a teenger? for someone still hasnt reached the end of puberty? A friend of mine is 17 years old, he recently got hold of some anavar, he got it mostly to gain some strength and hopefully gain a inch or two in height, he's about 5 10 as as of now but he wants to get taller. Would this level 1 drug be effective for providing decent height gains?


I have no idea... but I'm pretty sure you shouldnt be taking anavar at 17.


You have to be fucking kidding me, right?

First of all, this isn't for a friend is it?

Second, a 17 year old wants to increase his height by taking steroids - this has to be one of the most assine reasons/excuses I have ever heard for anyone wanting to take steroids.

Third, unless you got this pills from the same guy that sold jack his bean stalk beans, you are completely wrong.


Anavar can increase linear growth if the individual is not yet done growing.


O.k. lets get some research to back up this claim, and second of all such treatments as these should only be give under supervision of a Doctor, and I am not sure you will find one who is willing to put their practice on the line for this, unless you are especially short, then you maybe refered to a specialist in these matters.


I believe he is refering to the theory that since anavar doesn't aromatize that it actually promotes linear growth. This is based on the assertion that it is not the anabolic agent that stops bone growth in teenagers, but it is in fact the estrogen from the drug aromatizing.

However, I think it is a stupid argument, especially because like you said it is not being administered by a doc. I just hung up the phone with my doc (who is a good friend) and when I asked him about this at the end of our convo, he laughed.


how does one fully neutralize estrogen in the body, or at least stop it from turning good test into estrogen? Is DIM effective?


First of all, a 17 year old should not be using AS. Second, Oxandrolone does NOT improve height, nor does it do anything remotely close. Since his growth plates are still open, steroids will do nothing but stop growth.

Please tell your "friend" do try a natural bodybuilding route as he has MANY years to 'get big'.



If you said GH, it would have been more believable based simply on the name but Anavar?

Anavar is an AAS that doesnt even do much in terms of muscle growth when compared to other anabolics and you want to try it for height?

Plus Anavar(the real stuff) costs a ton and you need to consume a ton as well.


Now see these kind of questions make it look like you are infact going to use anabolics soon. DONT. YOU ARE STILL IN YOUR PRIME ANABOLIC STATE.

Back on topic Nolvadex would be your best bet since it has positive effects on the Bp.


Come on, a half inch isnt worth the risk of permenantly damaging your endocrine system... But...
Anavar can encourage growth. Most of the research is done on younger people with actual medical problems, such as 13 y/os with Turner syndrome, not 5ft10 guys who are nearing the end of their growth...
"A total of 130 patients with uncomplicated short stature (4 to 17 years of age) were treated with oxandrolone, 0.25 mg/kg/day, for up to four years. Oxandrolone therapy resulted in a two-fold increase in mean growth velocity in the first six months of therapy and was an effective growth stimulant for the full four-year period. There was no overall adverse effect of oxandrolone on post-treatment mean growth velocity or on skeletal maturation relative to height gain. There were 37 patients with greater increase in height age than bone age and 22 patients with greater increase in bone age than height age. Assessment of the contribution of oxandrolone therapy to the latter group is difficult because of inadequate methodology and the wide variation in individual growth patterns. Taken in their entirety, the data suggest that oxandrolone is useful in the prolonged treatment of uncomplicated short stature and is not associated with undesirable acceleration of skeletal maturation."
"Height gain was significantly increased in the oxandrolone treated groups: 25.8 (SD 3.8) in group 2 and 25.2 (SD 3.7) in group 3 versus 19.8 (SD 4.9) in the controls (P<0.05)."


Conclusion: After lots of bitching and whining, it was determined that anavar can, indeed, increase height.

These threads are funny to read because they always unfold the same way. The first 10 responses ignore the question and yell at the OP for wanting to take roids. Then, finally, someone gets around to answering the original question.


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