Anavar for Healing Purposes?

Hey guys,
I was thinking about doing an anavar cycle for healing my knees due to injuries that I have t been able to recover from.
I don’t like taking anavar on its own due to being shut down but would take pct afterwards.
Any suggestions on dosages or length or additional products I could take?
Was planning for 40mgs for 7 weeks

never heard of anavar helping with healing joints. the only one I am aware of that has that reputation is deca

anavar has been documented to increase collagen synthesis (it’s one of the few androgens with ACTUAL studies to show this). but to help joints, you’d need to take it for quite a while (due to the poor blood flow to joint tissues)…

with that being said, you might want to look into some of the healing peptides (BPC157, TB500) or hGH or the hGH peptides (MK677, GHRP, etc)

Hey cyco I thought I remembered Shadow Pro recommending one of the healing peptides, would you happen to know which one it was?

Thanks for the info. I’ll look into the peptides. Any more info would be appreciated.

not sure… maybe TB500 or BPC157?