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Anavar for Females, Beginner Advice?

Hello I’m new to using anabolics but was told that anavar is one of the best ones for females. I have been going to the gym on and off for a few years and have been going the last 7 months but have plateaued and I really want to cut and build some lean muscle.

I’m 5’4
125 lbs
25 years old
I don’t know my body fat %
I currently eat about 1500 calories a day
100 g protein, 44 g fat, and the rest in carbs

I want to make sure that i am using anavar properly and with a proper diet and exercise routine for maximal results but I’m not sure what a good diet plan with it would be and if there’s a specific exercise routine that should be done I currently exercise my legs/glutes one day and then my arms and abs the other day and I do a little bit of cardio every time I work out usually the stair master or the elliptical and I go 2-3 sometimes 4 days a week but with the anavar i was gonna aim to go 5 days at least.

Any advice would be great! Since I’m so new at this I just want to ensure I get results and do everything correctly.

You are correct that anavar is one of the female friendly AAS. However, seven months of consistent training isn’t very much. If you are plateauing already then I would re-examine your diet and training regimen. Are you currently working with a trainer or do you have someone with experience that can advise you at the gym?

Unfortunately I’m a student and don’t really have the funds right now to afford a trainer or nutritionist :confused: I tried switching from counting calories to counting macros cause I plateaud when I was counting calories and didnt want to go down anymore cause I was only eating 12-1300 calories a day and it worked at first but then I stopped having any progress. But I’ve also become a lot less active since summer due to school. I’d prefer not to take steroids but I just kinda got lost in what to do and a friend of mine told me about anavar and got me interested in the idea

Real anavar is often faked and it’s expensive. Worse still for females is that it’s often faked with more androgenic compounds. Be cautious and I would consider diverting those funds toward a trainer instead.


If you get the real stuff you’ll be impressed. If you get fake stuff…well… you won’t be very happy. You’ll have enlarged, um, ladyparts, you’ll get the jawline of the Brawny lumberjack, you’ll have more hair in all of the parts that you don’t want more hair, and while you won’t pass for Barry White, you’ll have a deeper voice than you do right now. Just something to think about before you go any further.