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Anavar for a First Cycle

I’ve never run a cycle before, and I hate needles. I’m not looking to add mass. I just want to focus on leaning out and gaining strength. I’m looking at doing 40mg/day for six weeks. Also, I have a female lifting buddy that would be interested in running a cycle as well, and she is thinking pf running 10mg/day for six weeks. I understand that I’ll need to run PCT, but she won’t. Anything else I need to keep in mind? Thanks for any help.

yeah, keep in mind it’ll do pretty much nothing, you might well feel like shit due to the lack of aromatisation, and for doing an anavar only cycle you’re pretty much a little sissy bitch, but apart from that you seem to have everything else covered.

40 mg is basically a waste bro. You probably need 60 to 80 a day just to noticed positive effects in terms of bodybuilding. Then again who knows. It’s just that I’d you want to make any significant progress you’ll need to get over the fear of needles. No way around it. It really isn’t that bad. Have the gf inject you. 10 mg a day for a woman could work well but that’s a crap shoot also. Much of this is trial and error

Unless your actual goal is to have gains for a very short period of time, this will not be a good idea. You’ll spend a bunch of money, have to go through PCT, something that doesn’t work consistently well for everyone, and 4 or 5 months from now your gains will be totally gone. That really isn’t good at all.

Another thing to consider: Anavar does indeed adversely affect testosterone production. Cuts it in half, at least, during a 6 week cycle, sometimes it’s even worse. What are you going to do if you don’t happen to recover your production through PCT? The answer: needles every week for the rest of your life. Or misery because you killed your HPTA and aren’t willing to go on TRT.

The bottom line is this: if you hate the idea of using needles, you’ll be making a mistake by using steroids at all. I hope you take this as seriously as you should.

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I’ve got a friend that hates needles and is always looking to orals to give him what he wants. I keep telling him that Test will give him what he wants. Gotta ride the needle, brother!!

Dbol will add mass but it also retains water and should be stacked with something. Like dick_blazer said have your GF pin you. My wife does me and she’s gotten really good at it.

actually, if the anavar is real, 10mg is likely plenty high of a dose for women. Particularly for a first cycle.

Women have to be SOOOOO careful though. If there’s even a chance it’s not actually anavar, you can have major problems. I know several women who have had significant issues with faked anavar. Most likely, they were actually taking dbol. It’s bad news.

I know other women who have run anavar at 5mg/day and had great results also.

Winstrol’s quite often sold in place of var, too.

Even if it’s legit var there’s still the potential for monkey business. Imagine your mrs’s voice broke! That’d be so fucked.

LMAO "sissy bitch"
why would the lack of aromatisation make you feel like shit?

Low E symptoms aren’t very nice. Lethargy, joint pain and boner loss to name just a few.

you really don’t know what you’re doing if you have to ask this…

bruh, then educate me. damn. I think i’m well versed. but if you know something I don’t please share instead of calling me out.

You’re not well versed, and it’s unfortunate that you think you are. I really think you should reconsider jumping on these boards and handing out as much advise as you have in the last day or so.

Crashing your E is a very basic concept, in relation to steroids. Honestly, it’s one of the first things you should have come across when learning about AI’s/ estrogen control. It can have severe effects on your health/overall well being, your mood, sex drive, joints, etc. A host of major problems. It scares the shit out of me that you weren’t aware of this, and yet you think you know a lot. The bottom line is, you don’t know as much as you think you know.

I’m curious, what resources have you used to educate yourself?

dude I’m familiar with crashing E. that’s simple. you misread.
I asked why a drug that doesn’t aromotize would make you feel like garbage. because that’s what you said.
i was under the imprssion that YOU were saying that drugs like var, primo etc. that don’t aromotize have a negative side effect of lethargy that I was unaware, simple becuase of lack of aromoitization. which I believe to be false.

unless your entire body does not aromotize shit, then i see your E levels drop. but if a drug doesn’t aromotize that doesn’t mean it “eats up” your bodies estrogen. Maybe it was I who misread.

I have read damn near everything bill roberts has written. I have read through the sticky’s
i use google scholar to search new compounds. most recently I pulled up a medical journal for gw 501516.
i have watched and rewatched every video on isteroid.com and read and re-read all the articles. I am a level 1 on eroids. i am also a level 70 warlock with +100 intellect and I dps over 8000

I subscribe to idiots like bostin lloyd and rich panini (my favorite natural vegan sandwhich) to learn what NOT to do.
I’m aware of the political atmopshere as well. I read up on operation cyber juice and hulk labs. I have even read up on silk road’s downfall, and the fall of british dragon tracked all the way to thailand.

really bro I’ll go toe to toe with you on AI’s. I know the difference between a competitive AI like adex and a suicidal AI like exemestane. I know letrozol is powerful but FUCKS cholesterol.
I know the mechinism of action for HCG and it’s realtion to LH. I know how SERMS work. although I must admit clomiphene is still very confusing.
No disrespect. but I do believe you read my post incorrectly. maybe it was me. Idk.

the point is… I’m balls deep in this bitch.


somebody misread some shit

oh yeah and i’ve watched every video on sarms dylan gemeli has made

lol. fair enough.

An anavar only cycle has the potential to tank both testosterone and estrogen levels over the course of 6 weeks. That’s the issue here. I see how wording here got misinterpreted on both sides. Lack of aromatization of a given compound, in general, is not an issue. I didn’t mean to imply that. I’m not saying if you take anavar you’ll crash E. I’m saying if you take anavar WITHOUT a test base, you can crash E.

I think we are on the same page in that regard.

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