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Anavar for a Female


I am a 25-year-old female who has been training, religiously, since 2008. I went from a lean mass of 99 lbs. to a lean mass of 116 lbs. in the first 2-3 years and significantly lowered my body fat from 23 to (at times) 14%. Right now, I am about 145 lbs. and 17% body fat. I haven't made an significant muscle gains in years. I feel as though I look great, as is, but would like to take it to the next level, gain a few more pounds of muscle and break 13% body fat.

My goal is to do this between now and when my husband returns from his 4th tour in Afghanistan in May of 2014. That gives me about 8 months. I am looking into using Anavar for the first time, but would like to hear some feedback. Also, when taking something like this, would I continue taking pre-workouts, fat burners, etc.? I've done a lot of research. I've been considering this since April and finally decided the reward looks to outweigh the risk, in my situation. Any females who've used this product, I'd love to talk to you!!


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Anavar would be your best bet. I didn't have the issues with increased appetite, mood swings, and bloating that I had on winni and Eq. Made good strength and size gains. Yes you can take preworkout/fatburners etc, even clen.


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I am really glad we have a few women here posting. It was like a sausage fest for a long time.


I am really glad we have a few women here posting. It was like a sausage fest for a long time.


I really know little about steroids, so I should probably shut up but I don't recall ever speaking to a woman who didn't have great things to say about var at a low dose

This article brushes on the subject: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/the_drug_coach

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i know several that dose at 10mg of Var ED. if you arent cranky or moody while on it... it might be bunk.


My girl is about 7 weeks out from her first figure show and since she was previously a powerlifter with more fat and water than normal she is running an aggressive dose of 25mg/day. The normal dosage for women is 10mg/day for the more leaner female.


Thats not an aggressive dose thats a really high dose, id watch out for the side effects of high var in women.


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just chin hair, nipple hair, a happy trail, enlarged clit. Thats about it. not bad.


I have a very close friend whose mom is a pro bodybuilder. Sweetest lady in the world, but kinda scary.

Wanda Moore is here name btw. Just don't go that far OP. I don't think your husband would enjoy that too much.


I can't offer any personal input on this, but from reading another forum almost dedicated to steroids, it has been stated that you need to be VERY careful when putting a woman on any kind of steroid. Annavar is probably the safest bet, and small doses are what should be done.

The implications of side effects are something that can occur both quickly, and over a long period of time. If you start to notice changes (the negative ones), definitely back off. Some big names have had their wives take it and say they are no dealing with issues years later. Its a long term decision to make.

On an aside, if you do decide to do this, I'd be very interested in a log. Don't even have to reference this thread or something, just mentions supplements. I want to see the results of the effort. I say this because this is something I've mentioned to my girlfriend. It is a viable option and can do some good things, you just gotta be careful and watch it.

As another aside. Coming from the perspective of someone spending long periods away from their significant other.... Your husband will be excited to see you, talk to you, and hold you regardless of how you look when he gets home. And I'm sure he appreciates what you do regardless. You're already in great shape and healthy, I think continuing to be a good, faithful wife is what is most important to him. And congrats on your progress thus far!


If you have not had children yet and you plan to, and you are female you should not use anabolic steroids based on DHT.


Anavar have very little DHT conversion


Referencing the above concerns based on my own experience after 5 years of use and 1 year clean - it affects everyones profiles differently. Obviously, you want to start small and titrate to effect, especially if the goal is cutting with lean mass maintenance.

The most negative aspect of Anavar, winni, Eq for me was overstimulation of appetite leading to overeating leading to me being a buff strong fat ass. Virilizing effects didn't stick around. Long term effects on liver and endocrine systems are yet to be determined but all in all it did not turn me into a hirisute shemale. You only get that with higher levels of Var, winni, or Test usage. I will say winni is highly hepatoxic and I wouldn't recommend it.


Most anavar today is fake and is just winstrol. Only a few labs make it and the rest is bunk. I know of a lab in Mexico that makes legit anavar and it's $100 for half a months supply at a dosage of 20mg/s.


Where exactly? Can you order online?


Not the place for that question.