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Anavar for a Female, Suggestions?

Long, long time lurker of the forums and the site, but finally registered to get some input on running my second cycle. I’m female, and I’m wanting to get a bump up in my lifting and running.

Earlier this year, I did 10 weeks of Primo oral only. I was not looking for massive gains or anything, no comp, just looking for a bump in my lifts and endurance (I’m an ultrarunner). That went okay, nothing impressive. I even came off the cycle without any help or taper. The only thing I noticed was a downtick in sex drive in the weeks that followed. But, mostly it left me wanting more.

I don’t want massive gains, but I would like to see something more substantial. I’m thinking about going with Avanar this time. Any input on how a female should approach this would be great. I don’t want to add a shit-load of weight, because I also am secondarily focused on long-distance running. However, my main focus is getting the body I want. I also want to keep things simple if possible.

Any recommendations on dosage and any other advice is more than gladly appreciated! <8 I’m a 35 yo female if that matters at all. I’m brand new to this whole thing, so keep that in mind :smiley:

Most dosage suggestions for females is 10mg, and that seems consistent throughout the endless cycle advice matrix. The biggest risk you face is getting real stuff. A lot of “Anavar” is actually dianabol mixed with winstrol. But if you got legit primo—which is crazy expensive and faked constantly—then you’d be wise to see if your source can get you Anavar as well. Pharma grade is practically out of the question, but there are some high quality UGLs that sell it and have solid reputations. Just be cautious of the risks that the counterfeits carry. For a man running fake var isn’t a big deal. But for a woman the danger of being sold dbol as var could be dangerous.

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Your diet is going to dictate how much weight you gain more than any thing else. Make sure that is dialed in. Also start low and slow. 5 mg a day for a week or 2 before bumping up to 10. Much higher is not necessary unless you are 6’ or you have several var cycles under you belt. And even then 20 is the common cap.

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my gf takes 10 mgs of anavar for 4 weeks then a break for 4 weeks. 2iu’s 4 days on 3 days off of hgh hygetropin she does 2 kits twice a year. also primobolan 200 mgs once every 7-10 days for 2 months. if you need pharma grade you can message me and i can help you out…