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Anavar for 30 Days for First Cycle


So, I'm 195 8,6 b.f.% and starting thursday my first cycle of anavar so I'd start for 30 days and will see if going for another 30 days

will take 30mg per day

what supps would you recommend me to take while doing it to maximize my results

thank you


How about Test.



never taken var mate, but from research i hear 80-100mg a day is needed for optimum results from a var only cycle.

Supps, food! well you havent set out your goals for the cycle for a start but a very common problem we see is people coming and posting 'im gonna try steroids' when they dont eat half enough!

So what are your goals? whats your diet and training like? post up some pics. tells us why you decided yo run this cycle?


My goal. Is to drop my b.f.% while taking lean body mass so my diet will be high in protein and about 3700 calories


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How much should I take then cuz 80 to 100 is a lot


75 at least

50 at the bare minimum

Make sure you trust your source and it is really var


Maybe so but it will give you better gains than 0mg ed!, i think if your body dosent know var or any other drug for that matter low dose at first is ok, in other words your receptors are fresh and like sponges, just my 2 cc's


Fresh receptors?

Keep your two cents in your pocket.


ive taken var at 40mg a day IMO that dose is only good for reatining muscle while cutting...you wont see much strength gains


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