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Anavar- First Time with Questions


first; im 20 years old,5'10 280 pounds around 18 percent bf,

my goal is to cut fat so i can switch from from powerlifting to bodybuilding

i heard that anavar is the safest steroid

so my questions are

what mg should i take?
should i stack it with a test booster since its so mild?
best detox?
best post cycle?
and any other info you can give me

definitely appreciated


Hey dude,

I'd take 100mg ED since your a big guy.
Detox? Milk thistle throughout cycle i suppose.
A nolva or clomid cycle will probably suffice.


First, you're way young.

Second, anavar is not great drug for your goals. It is one of the safest IF YOU GET THE REAL THING, but it's also expensive and one of the most often faked drugs, so who the heck knows what you'll be getting. Finding legit stuff is incredibly difficult.

Anavar is not particularly strong at fat burning either, so it will not help with those goals as much as you want.


ok thanks, where is the safest place to get it?

what's the price?

and should i take the 100 mg at one time or spread throughout the day


actually i have friends that are pharmacy majors

i have access to it

am i too young for just 1 cycle?

what would you suggest as an alternative cycle?


At 20 I'd be gunshy personally. I went through the same kind of desire at 20 myself, believe it or not. It's not that you'd wreck yourself, it's just that I would be seriously gunshy about messing with hormone levels until your endocrine system is fully developed.

Generally by 21-22 that's happened. Usually not by 19, and 20 while gray is not an age I would feel comfortable suggesting something like that personally.

The risk with an incomplete endocrine system is that you might never, ever, reach the levels of natural test after your cycle that you had before (think of it as the hormone equivalent to closing your growth plates early).

That is not a risk I feel is worth taking, although some disagree with me. There is of course no guarantee that that would happen to you, even if your endocrine system has not completed maturing yet. I would just rather err on the side of caution.

It is your personal choice of course, but that's my honest opinion.

I find it unlikely in any case that 1 cycle will get you exactly where you want to be. If you're really at 18% bf, then a 10 week cycle with a good fat burner supplement and dead-on diet and cardio and training would probably drop you to 10% ish, give or take. Maybe less, maybe more.

However, IF you were dead-set on doing a cycle and will not be dissuaded by me, I would say a test based cycle because it is more powerful than anavar. Weight loss will come from diet and cardio, the AAS will just help you hang on to more of your muscle and keep strength up.

So, test only, or test/masteron maybe.

I will say this though--I do not feel comfortable giving cycle advice as I am not a very experienced person from first hand knowledge. I know the science fairly well, but "real world" knowledge is little.

There are other more experienced vets that are better suited to ask and give advice. I doubt they will however, because they probably see things the same way I do.


First - Whoa! 280 at 18%! That'll put you around 250 at a ripped 8%bf at 5'10"!. Whatever you're doing, I wouldn't bother with any steroids as they could only potential make things worst in the long run.
I'm guessing those numbers are a little off, so I'll chime in:

Anavar might help you maintain some muscle mass and keep you in an somewhat anabolic environment while shredding fat, but will not actually do much, other than a few pounds, for actual fat loss.

For fat loss, I'd look into something like Albuterol or a nice stack of Cytomel with Albuterol while keeping the Cytomel at a nice 50mcg/day to avoid muscle loss. These with a mild steroid cycle would cause a much greater effect in both fat loss and muscle gain.

Also given that if you were to run 100mg/day Anavar, you probably should just run something else anyway - What sensicle logic would dicate to run something extremely mild and expensive at a dose at which it is no longer a mild steroid, but now is rediculously expensive???

Basically if 40-60mg/day isn't going to offer a benefit, then you should consider something else. Which is a good thing and line of thinking anyway as Test, Cytomel and Albuterol is going to offer a much better effect in all aspects as well as be hella cheaper.

Probably would even be cheaper to run Test (100mg/eod), Anavar (40mg/day), Cytomel (50mcg/day) AND Albuterol (4mg/3Xday) than it would be to run Anavar only at 100mg/day. To look at cost from a particular place (just for the sake of discussion of prices/benefit) lets look at:

2 Propionate - 100mg/eod for 6 weeks ($70)
25 Cytomel - 50mcg/ed for 6 weeks with tapering ($35)
100 Albuterol - 3 tabs/day for 3 weeks on, 1 on, 2 on ($40)
Total $145
400 Cytomel (100mg/day for 40 days) ($880)
Total $880
Even adding in 40mg/day Anavar to the first stack would leave one far less than $880 for 6 weeks without PCT!

(This is using a common overseas place and not necassarily a completely accurate portrayal of end prices, but then again I think it shows the point fairly well)

I don't want to come off as attacking the suggestion of 100mg/day Anavar too much as the results of said dose would be good and is in line with the original question; just that if one were to sit back and think about it, other options would be far better and cheaper.

Now to directly answer your Questions:

40mg/day - 20mg AM/PM

You should consider it an addition. So yes, I'd start with Test (Propionate?) and then add some direct fat-burning compounds (Cytomel, Albuterol) and then consider adding Anavar at a sensible 40mg/day, or as Aragon said Masteron, which may be better for the increase drive and cheaper price anyway, Plus is doesn't effect lipids and such.

Water, and eating healthy. Those liver detox pills are silly and don't offer much.

Debatable, but for simplisticy: Nolvadex at 20mg/day for 4 weeks. Maybe with Proviron for the first 2-3
(NOTE: even with the PCT, it's cheaper than an Anavar only cycle at a solid dose of 100mg/day)



No man! Just...no. You want to give a 20 year old whose endocrine system is more than likely NOT fully matured a THYROID DRUG?

I totally disagree. Cytomel is not user friendly, is very powerful, and comes with an extensive list of side effects, some of which can be permanent.

Side effects include, but are not limited to, heart palpitations, agitation, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, headaches, and psychic/metabolic disorders. It is a powerful hormone, and one that could potentially alter the normal functioning of the body if misused.

Taking Cytomel for too long and/or at too high a dosage can result in a [u]permanent thyroid deficiency[/u]. After doing such, one might need to be treated with a drug like Cytomel for [u]life[/u].

I give that a big Hell No, and I think that is terrible and irresponsible advice.


Good call, wasn't thinking about the age aspect, just playing devil's advocate with the whole thing. On that note though, any AAS would/should fall into the same boat. I'll give you this part, but do take issue with the rest of your post:

So which sides might be permanent? Sweating? Also which of these is going to be experienced at 50mcg/day? Which one's that might be experienced at said dose are going to be worse that other things commonly excepted for use in fatloss?

Well, that is why one would use it.... misused - that's the result one would want IF used correctly.

Please tell us more about how sensible use would cause permanent thyroid deficiency, or how at any dose the risk is greater or more likely than with... Let's say Anavar? I like to err on the side of caution, but to take issue with an idea and use scare tactics and nonsense for support isn't playing fair. So to be simple: Please show me how using exogenous thyroid puts one at more of a risk of damage than using exogenous testosterone.

I can't/won't argue with the 20 year's old part, but the rest of your post is totally 'chicken little'. I find it funny that many will suggest running an somewhat heavy steroid cycle, but 50mcg/day Cytomel is bad? Or especially the fools that suggest not running AI's for support/control for "optimal" gains, but would also take issue with 50mcg/day Cytomel.

Overall, I think you are right in not suggesting the use of Cytomel for an 20 year old. I did speak from more of an 'optimal' results aspect without age as an thought. With Cytomel use, just as with AAS - one should have an thouough understanding of what they are doing before they do. AAS is so often misused and misunderstood without much thought into the foolish ideas/suggestions given and taken: I would argue that AAS use, as is often reoommended, is far likelier to cause damage than sensible thyroid usage - it's just with thyroid usage we quote one person for our backing, while we sensilessly debate about optimal muscle gain with no logical thought into the damage that one is doing.

This is a board to discuss steroids and there uses, but you're right: Thyroid use does have the potential for sides and is very easily abused. Albuterol comes with it's problems and no one can argue that it would be healthy. Any of the AAS also come with their list of sides and extreme ease of abuse potential and serious health risks beyond shutdown. Maybe I should only suggest 100% safe methods and not bother posting in this forum and stick to the Bodybuilding and Nutrition forums as nothing in this forum comes without risks of some sort... But I'm getting of track: The age issue is the only part that I will retract my statements on, and is a very important aspect when giving advice or opinion and is something that I ignored... I guess I blew off the background back when I got hung up and blew off on how phenominally huge and musclar the OP was to begin with. So: Given the age, my suggestions aren't taking important aspects into consideration.


at 10:32 the OP wrote:
ok thanks, where is the safest place to get it?

what's the price?

and should i take the 100 mg at one time or spread throughout the day

Then at 10:45 he writes in response to finding real gear:
actually i have friends that are pharmacy majors

i have access to it

am i too young for just 1 cycle?

what would you suggest as an alternative cycle?

??Asking where he can get it, and then having access to it .

I would say yes too young, and WAY too much in need of researching as to what he is doing.


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I have to agree. OP, if you're really 280 @18%BF you have NO need of steroids at your age. If you just dieted off 25lbs you'd be 5'10" 255lb @ 9%BF!!! You would be almost ready for the stage. I second the idea of focusing on diet with a fat-burner or maybe an albuterol cycle or two. Give it a bit of time before you mess with your hormones. You simply don't need to.


There is legal stuff that will give more dramatic gains than anavar.

I almost never see var used by anyone but women, its just too expensive.