Anavar First Ever Cycle

Never done roids before, just got a batch of 10mg anavar from a very reliable source. I done research online and decided to go with first week of 30mg and than weeks 2-? im going to do 40mg. So i have a questions being that im a newbie, first some stats I am 28 years old, been lifting for about 6 years, just really reached a plateau, im good with dieting and bulking phases.

Right now I am at 170pds about 12-13% bodyfat, my ultimate goal is to add a few pounds of strength but drop bodyfat to about 8%. So my questions are how long should I run this for? Please dont tell me to combine it with some other drug because I cant get anything else, so this is only a Anavar cycle. 2nd question is I am currently doing about 250-350grams of protein per day, plus im doing BCAA, Glutamine, Animal Pak, Animal Omega, flax oil & seed. Would it be safe to take animal pump with Anavar?

3rd question, what do you guys recommend for a PCT, something thats legal to buy on BB or here? Also should i take any liver meds so I dont screw my liver up, even though I know this drug is really low on liver toxic, but just want to be safe. 4th question, when can i start seeing the changes vascularity, and strength? I seen from research that vascularity usually starts kicking in after 7-10 days and strength takes about 14-20 days. Any info I would appreciate it, Again only respond if you have cycled this before and had good results. Thanks everyone.