Anavar First Cycle

As an avid weight lifter of the last 17 years (on & off) I have finally decided to use a mild cycle to further my progress.
…Not a decision I took lightly…

I have read everything I can get my hands on over the years and also advised friends and colleagues to the best of my abillity, who have used streroids with a great deal of ignorance. Often expecting to reap huge rewards without a second thought to correct training and nutrition .

My first cycle will be 25mg of anavar ed for 6 weeks.

I am sure that many will want to shoot me down in flames for using a cycle that many deem 'ineffective ’

I am not an authority on the subject of steroids but I have read many conflicting views in terms of the ‘right’ cycle.

Indeed whilst on one hand I hope to gain the benefits of Oxandrolone with little or no side effects …I am also expecting other slight drawbacks such liver failure, Blood filled cysts and if I do survive to be dead before I’m 50.

Is there anything else in existence that has been debated as fiercely as steroid use?

For the record, I am 34, 210 lbs and not sure of my bodyfat level…must get it checked! Lets just there is always room for improvement.

If anyone is interested I will place an update every 2 weeks to document progress, postive or otherwise!

Thanks Bushy

I might stick with 25mg for the first 7-14 days and up it if overall performance is not improving.

Yeah, I was taking the piss…I know, sarcasm is the lowest form etc…but some of the crap you read is truly shocking!

I dont see a guy your size blowing up on 25mg a day.
But if this was a clinical trial I am sure a 25mg Anavar group would beat a placebo group over the course of a good cycle in terms muscle gained.

If you plan on doing this more then this one time you have little more then some money and time to lose.
And you will know more the next time.

Not to highjack this thread or anything starting monday I am going to run a var only cycle for 6weeks at 50mg eod. I get it pretty cheap $68 for 20mg/ml 60ml I will give up dates staring on weeks 2.

[quote]rosebud wrote:
Not to highjack this thread or anything starting monday I am going to run a var only cycle for 6weeks at 50mg eod. I get it pretty cheap $68 for 20mg/ml 60ml I will give up dates staring on weeks 2.[/quote]

Running anavar only EOD? I would say useless.

yes i know but since i can get it pretty cheap. And their his alway a bunch of questions about running it all by its self i thought i would do a 6 week cycle and post the results. Along with my work out and diet.

I keep seeing post about hope people want to us it as a stand alone. My be I will be able to clear some of that up of them when I am done. Pluse I aslo what to see how well it will work all by its self. Yes, the fact I can get it cheap is playing a big part of it.

Thanks for the comments bushy.

My var reserves would allow 40mg ed for 6 weeks so maybe I should just go for broke and see how it pans out.

Lets face it I cant do much with what I would have left after 25mg ed.

Did you run any pct with the anavar?

Again there are many conflicting views. I thought I might go with some Nolva just to be sure…


Let us know how you get on.

I sorry for the miss understanding I did not mean ever other day. I will be taking it 25mgs 2 time aday I will put up a post on my stats diet and work out plan in the next day or so. Thanks for pointing out the type O

why noy just take Carbolin 19. they claim it is stronger than anavar??

[quote]goldman812 wrote:
why noy just take Carbolin 19. they claim it is stronger than anavar??[/quote]

I do not wish to be cynical but I have tried a multitude of ‘exciting, amazing, and revolutionary’ wonder products over the years, of which many have claimed to yield ‘steroid like’ results.

Needless to say I have spent a fortune going nowhere and seeing very little if anything in the way of results. Not suprisingly many of these products are withdrawn or miraculously disappear from product ranges…why?..because they are banned?..because they are tooooo effective…no no …because in many instances they are ineffective and totally shit.

My diet? my training?..please don’t even go there…I am not 10.

I am not suggesting for a moment that my disappointing experiences should prevent the use of new products however you will appreciate that a certain amount of faith has been lost in the V12 camp.

Maybe I was expecting too much…or dare I be so bold…maybe I was being led astray!?..heaven forbid!

I am somewhat reassured and impressed that Carbolin 19 has been shown as effective in group tests.

… that said I can vividly recall being impressed and prising open my first can of Cybergenics 1700 with claims of mass and untold muscle within weeks. (Not to mention those before and after photos!!)

I look forward to hearing more about Carbolin 19 and how users benefit.

If it is as effective as suggested then I will be putting my hand in my pocket!..thats after I’ve wiped the eggs from my face and eaten a nice slice of humble pie.

I have avoided using steroids for many years and even though many around me including those I have trained with took that road long ago I remained absolute in training naturally.

The attraction is obvious as after only 7 days I can feel the anavar going to work.

Whilst pleased that I am about to make the easiest 6 weeks progress in the last 17 years I still feel racked with guilt that I have betrayed my beliefs in training naturally.

…still nothing ventured…

In conclusion~

If I thought there was a product that could genuinely give me the results of even a weak steroid that was unquestionably effective and safe I wouldn’t have just popped another 30mg of Anavar…(which lets face it is a bit of a girls measure in the world of steroid use…)which whilst relatively safe still carries risks!

I agree with the majority here, 25mgs is a waste of time for Anavar, however 50mgs per day is a nice little run.

I am currently doing my very first cycle. I have been taking anavar since October 23rd, 50mgs split per day. I love it. I will add in 50mgs/day of winny for the last few weeks.

I was 6’6" 275 at the start of the cycle about 16% bf, currently I am 283 with a noticable drop in bodyfat and big increase in vacularity. Stength is up, more so on total number of reps. Pumps are awsome. Squats went from 275x12 to 315x12. Bench pres is up about 2 reps for the same poundage for and addtioanl set. This was done on 4 weeks of Var as a stand alone on a bodybuilder with 16 years of solid lifting and good eating. I can’t wait to add the winny in!

Anavar plus creatine (if you have to ask you haven’t done your research)is a great stand alone cycle but don’t expect any big giant leaps in strenght or weight gain. Expect to feel great, have great workouts everytime, and get great pumps. That is why I chose this as my first cycle. You should try to get by making solid gains with the minimin amount of influence on you body. I have always been of the school of thought that the slower the gains come the easier they are to keep.

Anyone here that says Anavar does not work as a stand alone has not taken it as a stand alone or at the proper dosages…my 2 cents.

I am slowly getting the message regarding the anavar doseage at 25mg ed might be a bit low.

That said after only 1 week I am stunned by the increase in strength and recovery.

No sooner have I dropped the weights I feel ready for the next set!?

By pure coincidence I was also squatting with 315lb last night.

(This was the most I used in a 6 rep set training naturally) Although I had dropped the weight recently for slightly higher reps, last night I felt I needed to up it again. 315 for 6 reps was piss easy and I wanted to go again in no time at all.

mother of pearl…

4 weeks. Just got my blood test results back all values unchanged from 4 weeks except HDL. My HDL was a 12!! Total cholesterol, trigylcerides, and LDL were all still in acceptable ranges except the HDL. I think winny is the culprit.

Two weeks left, diet is clean and full of healthy oils, what would you do?