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Anavar During Track Season?


I'm a 21 year old sprinter, I'm in the middle of my season now and I just bought 40mg for 4 weeks worth of Anavar. I'm debating using it immediately or waiting till after my season and career is over. I heard that anavar gives you crazy pumps making it impossible to run let alone sprint. I run the 100 and 400.


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I thought it had the opposite effect, but I'm not worried about that anyway.


It does.


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40 mg of anavar is a low dosage. Why would you run it after your career is over when it is a good compound for speed? The pumps will more than likely be completely bearable, especially at 40 mg, unless you have some weird mental weakness that intensifies pain (I have met plenteously of athletes like this however, imo half of sports injuries at a college level are more mental than anything). Run the var, you'll be fine, but dont expect miracles at 40 mg ed for 4 weeks.


thanks I just don't want the little nagging injuries like shin splints, groin strains, etc. You don't think var will cause this?


As long as your hydrated and stretched daily you probably won't experience those as much as you might if you didn't which you don't have a big chance in getting something that will hinder your performance..now dbol is a different story


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Yes, the pumps are hard to overcome on Anavar (60-100mg day). Not good for running at all. People that tell you otherwise are inexperienced. 2nd, Take some test with this stuff (low dose of Enanthate will do). Anavar will shut down the body's natural production of the hormone and have you knitting lace doilies within a week. And don't forget about a proper PCT plan. (look it up). Good luck! (I had good results with this)
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What hormone would anavar shutdown? Anavar, as far as I've read, isn't produced by the body.


Is this for real?

Using AAS (any AAS) at the right dosage for the right amount of time will shut down the HPTA. This is very basic stuff.


I'm a very basic person. I read it as it will shut your body production of anavar.


anavar isn't a hormone or chemical in the body it's a steroid


Yeah I know. Just a bit of misinterpretation mate.