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Anavar During PCT?

Hi guys i want to know that can we take Anavar during PCT. ? Any suggestions plz.?

What’s the point? Any dose of AAS is somewhat suppressive to the HPTA and will simply hinder recovery.

Thanks a million @unreal24278. You are so right… need some more help may i ask ? Plz

Sure, what do you need (help wise), I’m not particularly qualified to give help as I’m not a medical professional but I’ll try my best.

Help means like i am planning to compete in year end like December. So need some help regarding that, one of the member advice me to start a thread in bodybuilding section so that many people can advice.

If you need help with regard to diet, prep and training for bodybuilding Dr Sir is an excellent person to go to for this kind of thing. @physiolojik is Dr Sir, he’s a former competitive bodybuilder (has competed numerous times) and medical professional.

Shoot him an email or ask him on his ask physiolojik thread. If you do email him, remember to address him as Dr Sir, because I’ll get a good laugh out of it.

:slight_smile: always available to chat about stuff.

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Thanks man really thankyou so much and really sorry for the late reply . I will definitely shoot a mail to Dr Sir. As u can see he also replied on the post. And m really happy to see that. Thanks once again. @unreal24278.

Thankyou very much Sir, and its really awesome to hear from your side. I will definitely ask you regarding some stuff…

Hello Doctor sir , i need ur help regarding the stuff badly, i am shooting you an email regarding it. Hope I’ll get the best advice.

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