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Anavar Dosing for Beginners?

Hey guys!

Not something I’m 100% looking at doing, just having a bit of a read and research. So my question, what’s everyone’s opinions on how Anavar should be ran as a beginner, in terms of doseage?


Its a cutting steroid unless you have a vagina. My first var cycle i ran 1ml test prop eod 60mg var daily… Easy split this way 3 pills am 3 pills pm…For 12 weeks. Only side effect i had was looking awsome and banging other dudes women. It can give u bad muscle cramps so hydrate well & take liver support vitamins. But dont be a dipshit and run it without test preferably prop. Unless yur a chic than 20-40 no test unless u want a clit the size of a bowling ball.

Wouldn’t it be rather easy to achieve orgasm (or have you’re partner stimulate you to the point of sexual gratification) with a larger/ easier to find clitoris (although the clitoris is actually quite large, internal clitoris isn’t viewable by the naked eye), can supposedly just be difficult to stimulate efficiently

Brother, If you can pull a bugger out of your nose you can find any clitoris.

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Note to self.

Spike the girls drink with var. It will make the elusive clitoris come out from hiding.