Anavar Dose: Once or Twice a Day?

I just started Liquid Anavar, does it matter once a day or two?

Twice, or more.

Thank you

what is this and where did you get it? Why would you buy and use a purported oxandrolone product that’s been put into liquid form? Stability, purity, contamination. Any of these a concern for you?

Three unless you are female that splits 10mg pill in half as it is - then 2.

Thank you

I’ve heard twice a day is best, but I did just fine with once per day. Maybe I would have done even better twice?

Oh okay, thank you.

UGL’s sometimes sell oral AAS that have been dissolved in an oil base with a solvent

Thus you can inject the orals and bypass the first pass effect.

Still hepatotoxic though. Jury is out as to whether this lessens the degree to how hepatotoxic the drug is… it’s still toxic, as has been proven in literature with injectable stanozolol.

Otherwise, sometimes UGL and grey area websites will sell sarms or certain AAS in liquified form to be taken orally.

Suppose its easier to dissolve a product and sell it as opposed to necessitating one own the ingredients necessary to manufacture pills or capsules.

I know in my country, owning a pill press alone can net you five years in prison.

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I’d go 2x daily minimum. I’ve only ran it twice, but both times split it into twice a day.

Thank you, did you get size from it?

I was using test as well, so tough to tell where the size came from, but yes I thoroughly enjoyed the cycle.

Nice, my first time using Anavar love it so far, thank you.