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Anavar - Dosage...?


Hi all,

just wanted to ask what the right dose of var would be for a smaller guy?

My stats:
age -27
Ht -5'7
weight -143lbs
bodyfat -9%

Looking to gain strength, not bulk - explosive power for plyometrics training. Ive read that a suitable dose of Var is 0.5 or even 0.125mg / Kilo of bodyweight? that would give me approx 33mg/day

Does that sound ok???


Anywhere in the range of 30mg-50mg per day should yeild results. Not sure, though. Using anavar for the first time (should be recieving my shipment today) at 50mg/day for 6 weeks with test prop,test suspension,and T3. If you plan on using anavar alone, might want to increase the dose to the higher end. I have heard of some using 50-100mg per day.


.2 mgs per pound of bodyweight.
About 30mg. for your size.


Thanks grey,

sounds about right then. 30 mg it is then. Another question. Can i tak it all at once or does it need to be divided.

Only reason i ask is that i have 20mg caps and was thinking of just taking the 20mg once a day(that is before i realised i need 30mg. Anyway the question remains - Divided or in one hit?


Facking SWEET!

Seriously though that's close to the amount I was going to run (although I'm only going to run 40 and my weight is 230 so I'm 6 mg's shy). However, that's kinda more by conoincidence. Where's the .2 mg's idea come from (not doubting it just asking).

ANd while I am is that a number based on using anavar in hope of optimal lean mass gains as opposed to say just maintenence of gains while dieting/cutting?


it's always best to divide the doses but I wouldn't sweat it too much.
Some people have get stomach disorders and nausea but they are few and far between. Take them with your pw shake.


First of all anavar is not for bulking.
The .2 mgs is just a rule of thumb that has been around since forever. The reasoning is that too little won't do anything and too much is just too expensive for the effects. On top of that it being a 17-alpha alkylated compound has some liver toxicity issues.
Another reason for the .2 mg. say you are a 200 pound guy. That means 40 mg per day. This makes 280 mg. per week.
Not that much compared to how some use test is it?
Oxandrolone is good for keeping gains while dieting and getting overall strength and hardness.
It is though a very expensive product.

At least that's what i have read.


var is not so expensive these days i hear