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Anavar Dosage - Worth Taking?

Hey guys,

This is my first post as I usually just sit back and read the forum and website for information regarding anabolics and go from there but now I have question I can’t seem to have found an answer for.

A friend gave me 320mg worth of var left over from his previous cycle in 10mg tablets to try out. I understand that even a low dose for a male would be around the 40-60mg range which would make my supply only last for 6-8 days. So my question lies is it even worth taking this amount to try it or should I split it into even smaller dosage to make it last a few weeks? Or forget about it all together and give it to a girl if this amount won’t do anything for me?

And yes I am not just taking var by itself it would be at the end of my upcoming cycle to harden up a little bit and add a little strength.

Any opinions on the matter is greatly appreciated

Give it to a girl. She could split them and make em last for a full cycle. Not to mention woman get horny as fuck on that shit!


Absolutely it’s worth taking. Way too many of these guys on this forum take massive amounts of of compounds. I lifted for 25 years clean before taking anything. Try taking 20 mg a day 10 mg in the morning 10 mg in the evening for four weeks. Report back I guarantee you’ll like what you see. Muscle gain come slow that’s normal, why not just boost it a little with low-dose Anavar and stay healthy. Four weeks on six weeks off. Give it a shot.

He only has 16 days worth at that dosage, so pretty wimpy ‘cycle.’ That said, I’d eat two a day for 16 days just for the added pumps.

This isnt even a cycle. You would need at least 8 weeks at 40-60mg a day to see anything… I love Var used it a bunch…on it now… BTW do any of you guys know how to reduce muscle cramps?
love var results but cramps suck

capsaicin-- aka spicy food. Works for me. I used to wake with leg-cramps every night. Now I don’t. Anecdotal. I know… But the studies also show it has an effect.

Perfect thanks I will try this