Anavar/Dianabol Cycle Opinions?

Hello everyone!
50 yrs age, recreational weight lifter for 20 years. Did a several light cycles in the past.
Currently I got Anavar and D bol for a 6 weeks cycle. The plan is to go 20 (Maybe 30) mg of Anavar and 10 mg of D-bol. Anavar for it’s relative mildness on the body and 0 water retention and D-bol for the dopamine and andro kick, and with 10 mg a day, bloating and water retention shouldn’t be an issue hopefully.
Ok, I know that’s ridiculous low dosage for almost any steroid user today, but please bear in mind my age and also I don’t want to compete or have 260 pounds of shredded muscle. I want just an edge in my workouts, general self esteem, recovery and more muscled and harder look.

I also am aware of general consensus that Test is a base and MUST for any cycle. I love T but I recover very slow and bad after Test and I hate PCT.

Before you say “don’t do any steroids than” let’s say that I will go on this cycle anyway.

One thing puzzling me and that’s the main reason I am posting this:
Lot’s of guys says that it wont be any testosterone in one’s system if they do orals only. At the same time, womens are warned all the time that usage of D-bol and Anavar (and other orals) will lead to masculine side effects.
If they are not providing testosterone in the body, why female athletes wouldn’t use them without worry of male characteristic “side effects”?

Hope to get some real life experience responses, without sarcasm :slight_smile:
English isn’t my native language, so please pardon any mistake here and there.


If you love test but hate PCT why don’t you go on TRT? Most people your age would benefit from it, also you would be able to enjoy blasting a little bit more test let’s say twice a year without coming off after

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I am debating that idea but kinda not sure if I can face the risks of prolongued use of test (or be a “lifer”)

Have you had labs to see where your test level is now? At 50 it may be much lower than you think and doing the cycle that you are considering could lower it more to the point that you will forced to be a “lifer” on trt. That bro science of T being the base is no joke for a reason.


I haven’t. I go by feel (which could be misleading, surely) but I still have general well being, strength,stamina, love for the females, love the weights, no bitch tits or looking bloated and soft… so I guess I’m not that bad. But there is a difference for sure from a guy I was in my 30s, clearly.

Edit: You think I could go beyond recovery from a 6 week low dose?

You will still have to do a PCT if you run both of those.

I never thought I’d upload pics of me from my bathroom haha…
This is me currently, at 50, natural, if we dont count creatine 5 mg after workout or scoop of whey once a day and a multivit/mineral. My last cycle were D-bol in 2014. for 6 weeks (15 mg) and before that in 2011. Test E 250 mg week for 12 weeks. Go figure…

and yes… my workouts are at my home,some crossfit type of training 3 times a week for 20 minutes. For last several yrs I train like that plus mountain hiking. The cycle I want to do would be accompanied with more intense weight lifting regimen, like in “old days”

I have never run anything without test being my base and I’m 60. Maybe some others will chime in to help you.

Looks like a nice bathroom.


I agree but it does seem abit narrow. @hanktt you got pics of your bathroom from another angle?


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Can you talk me through the products on the shelf?

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@jaykay @hardartery

I am gonna need you guys to go ahead and leave the bathroom topics to me and Zeeks, we are the pro’s. Damn meatheads.

Its obvious that bathroom needs work and redone. Who tiles all the way up anymore? I would never keep my toothbrush behind the toilet. You know he has accidentally knocked shit into that toilet.

I am more interested in the ILS the OP has. Imaginary Lat Syndrome.


I need glasses, I don’t see a toothbrush there. I like tile all the way up, it “feels” cleaner somehow. If there’s that much behind the toilet, what does the medicine cabinet look like?

I dont really see a toothbrush. Tile all the way up feels too commercial. Like walking into a bathroom at a SteakHouse.

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Ya but that mahogany wood trim tho😍

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I agree, however, it must be said that those tiles are perfectly aligned and the grouting is flawless too. Very impressed.


I’ve knocked my phone into the toilet before :frowning:

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wow! I guess that’s what you get after all these tren/Eq/test/deca or perhaps you were bullied in your school days?Probably both.

‘Natural’ is a pointless title at the best of times, even worse when you are patently not.

You still have to PCT after oral only cycles. Well you don’t HAVE to, but you should, for the same reason you PCT after test.

Oral steroids will still suppress your natural testosterone production. So yes, after some time of using orals, you will have the anabolic effects of the steroids but will have lost the anabolic (and other) effects of testosterone. That’s why a T base is typically reccomended.

Your counter logic of ‘but women get androgynous side-effects from orals’ fails for the simple reason that testosterone is not the only reason one would see androgynous side effects. The orals you are talking about also have their own, not directly testosterone related, abilty to cause androgenic effects.

Arguably the long term effects of low testosterone are more deleterious to health than the long term effects of prolonged use of testosterone. Especially when the dose is actually a TRT dose and not supra-physiological.