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Anavar Cycle


Hey currently taking anavar 10mg pills about 5-10 mg a day started last week with 5 a day now up to 8 and. Already noticing results and hardness in my muscle's I'm 21 years old 5'8 194 and 10% bd I take it ed and ii'll prob be on it for the next 6 months post results during that time. Ill be running test cycles during this time as well. I ran a trenaplex cycle for 6 weeks eod results were impressive I also had ran some sust from them once again results are great


You know, these posts where the lab name gets mentioned first thing that seem to be popping up all the time are starting to annoy me. It's such obvious promotion its ridiculous, and no-one here gets anything out of these threads.


unless your a woman,wouldn't that be kinda low to get any kind of result?


Not to mention the fact that 6 months on orals is just retarded.