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Anavar Cycle



I am a long time member but decided to create a new username for confidentiality. I am taking the plunge. Some background info.

Weight: 175lbs @ 10% BF
Height: 5' 9"
Age: 24

Bench: 275
Squat: 350
DL: I have had a recent lower back injury so I haven't been able to set any PRs on this.

I am an MMA fighter looking to build my strength without too much weight gain, I am looking for around 10lbs of mass to help me bump up a weight class. I know how everybody feels about oral only cycles but based on my goals and the fact that money is not an issue I feel this would work best. I will admit vanity is playing a role a little bit, I would like to have a dense look.

I am on finasteride right now and would like to continue to be safe, I don't have any symptoms of MPB but don't want to chance stopping it, and from what I have learned it shouldn't affect my results with anavar. I will be supplementing my liver health as well with milk thistle, vitamin E, and superfood. I will be getting a full blood workup before and after the cycle to make sure everything is in order and post results.

I am torn between either doing the following.

7 week cycle
60mg ed of anavar
week 8 - 40mg Nolva ed
weeks 9-12 - 20mg of Nolva


would I be better off lowering the dose and doing around 40-50mg ed and bumping it up to 60mg for the last week or two, and extending the cycle to 9 weeks? Also does my PCT look appropriate for the length of cycle? All the info I have looked up has only given a range. I am more set on Nolva than clomid based on my research, and should not need any AIs. I appreciate the help guys, my main concern is doing it correctly and safely.


Pct looks good, the only problem is your cycle is fucking retarded


At 5'9 you want to use steroids to go from 175lbs to 185lbs?

Come on, man.

You can easily accomplish this naturally.


I know this but I am under a time crunch, and cannot seem to break through this plateau. I used to be overweight 6 years ago so trying to get past this point without yo yoing has left me almost stagnant. I have figured out how to be lean and gain some size but need more tweaking. The bf percentage is not estimated I had a caliper test done.

For some reason I cannot seem to break this plateau, my main concern is gaining strength without too much weight as I used to be a heavier boy growing up and need to make weight. I am having a hard time getting where I need to be, and that is why I figured a mild steroid one like Anavar will help me pass this hurdle. Based on what I have learned it would help me achieve my goal, and allow me to stay healthy if done safely. I will admit aesthetics are a consideration for me as well that is why 10lbs would make me happy but is not a requirement, some say fat can be mobilzed and burned so if my weight doesn't fluctuate no big deal, I more so want the performance and hopefully better body composition. That is why I want to bounce this off you guys. I am having trouble finding a good length of cycle, some say go 10-12 weeks, but liver toxicity becomes an issue, some say use a higher dose and go shorter. From what I have read at the bare minimum 40mg ed is necessary to see any worthwhile results. I have 3000mg of anavar to use.

This is my first cycle so I want to make sure to do it correctly so as to avoid any long term effects. I was concerned about PCT because dosages tended to be a little vague on Nolva. From what I have read testicular atrophy could be an issue at this dose, some recommend using HCG, although I don't think HCG is necessary with a short cycle like this, I would like your guys opinions on this, I figured Nolva would do the job. I just want to make sure my nuts and libido will come back %100. I was also curious as to your guys opinions on Finastride while on cycle. I can pretty much expect to have my libido shot which I can deal with for 2-3 months. Am I missing any other variables?

Mr. Walkaway what would you recommend I do to modify this cycle given my goals? I appreciate any feedback.

Thanks guys.


Add test.


This is basically the only thing I would add to an anavar cycle. Test prop 50-100mg ED
with .25-.5mg adex eod (depending on your test dosage)

Also maybe some ghrp6..but probably not


I have read that test works well stacked with var, and prop would be the best choice given my goals. My big concern is to make sure that I won't have any adverse reactions on this first cycle. If everything goes well I would like to stack on my next go around. I know I sound overly cautious but I only have one body, and research does a lot to help, but everybody reacts different which is why I am taking a conservative approach. If I get 10lbs of mass out of this run I will be happy if the strength comes with it. With test I might gain too much for my next bout and also arouse suspicion around the people I train with. Granted prop was what I was looking at because of the little bloat and short life cycle on it. I am finding some saying that longer might work better. I have seen mention from Bonez that anything less than 60mg ed is a waste which is why I picked that dosage. Some recommend doing 40mg ed and stretching the cycle to 8 weeks and then upping it to 60mg ed for 2 weeks. Putting me at a total of 10 weeks. What do you guys think? Would this approach work better. I appreciate the feedback so far.



add test


Test should be the base of all your cycles. It is the most natural. However things do change slightly being you are an MMA fighter. You are probably just looking for an edge, and this can be attained with lower doses than would be required for bodybuilding.

EQ can help endurance, so that may be something else to consider.

For an MMA fighter, var only may be a decent approach. I have seen it suggested to fighters before by pretty knowledgeable people.. If you already have the var then go with it. If you haven't got your stuff yet then I would go with one of the following.

EQ and test prop - strength/endurance would both go up, size as well probably.

Anavar/test prop - Good strength boost, smaller weight gain

test prop/mast- good strength boost smaller weight gain

Or simply just test prop since this is your first cycle.. 50mg ED would give you 350mg a week, which is a decent dose of prop to start with. You could bump it a little if you like. 50-70mg a day would be a good range.
Add an AI if you use test.


I appreciate all the help guys. I only have the var on hand right now, but if I don't have any adverse reactions, I was thinking test stacked with it on the next go around. It looks like from what I have researched 40mg ed for 8 weeks and then 60mg ed for the last two weeks will probably get me some good results if everything else is in check. Finastride looks like it is safe to use with var, but is it okay for me to stay on it with the Nolva while doing PCT of 40/20/20. Any details I may be leaving out here?


Idk man 40 seems low.. I have done only a test cycle before I just did a var only cycle. I ran 70 Mg a day for 4 weeks/ and im up to 80 these last 2 weeks. Very little sides if any. Some stomach rumblings appetite loss. By the end of week 2 or mid week 3 strength really kicks in. from there on out it just leans you out little by little depending on how hard you train / do cardio I guess. All in all I like it alot and would do just var again. The pump and vascularity are also pretty sweet. I will probably just run it with test next time, as the strength gains were good but not much for size. Give it a go I would do it again


Sounds good man thanks for the feedback, 6 weeks sounds like a pretty short cycle. I was hoping for at least 8, the one I have set up will be 10 weeks long. I'll let you guys know the results. Anyone care to comment on finasteride on PCT?


Anavar is a waste of money at anything less than 80mg/w, imo even stacked with test. You are better off spending your money on a prop/mast cycle. Use 50mg/day of each. Try and get 250 to 300g protein a day and monitor carbs carefully as your weight will go up fast with appropriate training. Run this for 7 to 8 weeks and follow it with Nolva 40/40/20/20. Make sure and keep arimidex on hand as an AI as well. You may not need it, but you very well may. I ALWAYS need an AI. Some guys never do.

Save the anavar for when you have a ton of money or a sugar daddy, hahah. Used appropriately, it is a luxury drug (in my opinion). You can get the same, usually better results, from test + mast or test + tren. The reason I would not recommend tren for you is that is often has some effect upon lung capacity/VO2 max/breathing/something to do with your lungs and it may kill your endurance if you fight MMA.

Good luck.


For the record, I think anavar is a fantastic drug. Very low sides, low aromatization, extremely dense, hard physique, and excellent synergy with test (and really excellent synergy with test and tren!). However, you have to use it at at least 100mg/day to get this effect. I have used it at 200mg/day along with test/tren and was truly surprised at the result.

I really did not expect to be as pleased as I was, because of all of the lukewarm reports I'd read of anavar's effects. I really think the factor that pushed it all over the edge was the high dosage of anavar. I subsequently tried a lower dose at 100mg/day along with test and tren and was not nearly so pleased.

Unfortunately, for most people, dosages of 150 to 200mg/day of anavar are just not going to be realistic.


Sometimes the way people come to conclusions, and reputations are established, is not so logical.

My expectation is that Anavar developed a reputation for "weakness" largely because of being sold, for a very long time, only as 2.5 mg tablets.

Yes, a tab of Anavar really didn't do much.

In contrast, Anadrol! What a powerful steroid! A monster.

Of course, it was sold as 50 mg tabs.

The reputations would be reversed, I think, if Anadrol had been sold as 2.5 mg tabs and oxandrolone as 50 mg tabs.


Haha. Good point.

Bill, has Anavar always been as expensive as it is? I imagine the tiny tab size has something to do with the prohibitive cost of the raw material compared to, say, dianabol or anadrol.


Oxandrolone is one of the most difficult anabolic steroids to synthesize. The manufacturing cost would have to be far higher than that of, say, Dianabol.


I'm always learning something new from you Bill, thanks!


Thanks for all the help so far guys. I have heard that some people cut the var tabs with d bol. I figured I would be able to tell based on the water retention and I have heard you get some rough back pumps. Part of the reason why I am not running test on this first go around is I have had gyno before and had it removed. I am very hesistant to step up for that reason as well. I wanted this because of my goals and if I feel comfortable testing the waters I will step up. It is nerve racking the first time around, my health is very important to me along with my performance. I was hoping to see some good strength gains with some mass, but mass is not the priority. Would I be better off maybe combining the var with a cut to help me retain gains after a bulk maybe? I have never had a problem dropping weight, just wanted this as an edge to bump me up a class. Thoughts?


Bill if you don't mind would it be alright if I emailed you a question? I understand if you are too busy, just thought I'd ask.