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Anavar Cycle


Age 27
Training 5 yrs
Weight 219 lbs

I a want to run an Anavar only cycle Approx 4-6 weeks. 40 - 60 mg a day.

This would be my second cycle and I am not looking to make huge gains.
I am going to be going on a lower calorie diet at trying to put on some lean mass while losing some BF at same time. Would this be a good choice?

Also what dosing and duration would others who have tried this recommend. I want to do a short cycle as I plan to run Test E 750mg/w in a few months. I just wanna to get cut a bit...


Why don't you do a real cycle then. You even say you plan on running Test "in a few months". I'd love to hear why you think what you've proposed is your best option.


My thought were to cut down some BF get a little leaner before i run another test cycle..
I had acl reconstruction 7 months ago and havent been able to do any running or extended elliptical as my knee keeps swelling and killing the next day. So I have been lifting and doing light stationary cycling..

I gained 20 lbs of muscle on my last sust cycle kept about 15 of it. My bf stayed roughly the same.
I have heard read that anavar can cut some BF(expecially in the mid section) while gaining 8 or 10 lbs of muscle depending on diet.

In a nut shell I dont wanna try to put on much more bulk and mass untill I drop some BF. It just sux until im totally healed cardio is going to be tough.. So I was thinking weights as usual, heavier ab workouts, and still the light cycling that maybe I would see some good cutting result..

It was just a thought and I am looking for input as Im just going on word of mouth and other forum posts to make the decsion..

all input helps


take some clen with the var brother. my friend ran var and clen last summer and had some real good results from it. good luck bro


THnx man Im gonna give it a shot..

What about PCT. Is a normal 4 week PCT in order for a 6 week anavar cycle?

I have nolva should i run 40/40/20/20 or can i run a "lighter" pct 20/20/10?

Is clomid or nolva reccomended on Anavar?


Anyone? Im gonna start this 6 week cycle soon and need PCT advice. I currently have liquidex? Will it be fine or do I need clomid. Also should I run an AI during this cycle ?


this is hopeless

Why on earth would you need an AI?

and do you know what liquidex is? Has anyone EVER said that arimidex/liquidex is suitable for post cycle therapy?


Sorry disregard that post idk where the fuck my head is at today.. I meant to say:

I have liquid tamox should i run 40/40/20/20 or can i run a "lighter" pct 20/20/10?

Is clomid or tamox reccommended on Anavar or are either suitable?

**Forget the AI statement as well...I get that it would be useless as it doesn't aromatize..

Just wanna get my PCT right....



So whats the deal? is a PCT needed for an anavar only cycle? I just came off of a 10 week cycle of test myself and wanted to get rid of some mid section BF before I run another cycle, my plan is 50mg a day for 6 to 7 weeks. Any PCT needed?


Riddle me this: Does it shut you down?


I have no idea, I don't have much knowledge on var or much of anything else, pretty much a noob. The only time I ran it was with test so I'm not sure if it does or not. Would you happen to have the answer I seek?


Fuck man...

8-10lbs of muscle is way overly optimistic for a 4-6 week cycle of anavar.

Anyone running anavar who is a MALE should run it at 60mgs or more to see optimal results.

Yes, anavar SUPPRESSES your natural test production, how much it does depends on the dosage and duration of use. But yes, if you intend/do use Anavar at 50+mgs a day for 3 weeks or more you will need a PCT


I know its suppressive... And I know I need PCT.... But pct for how long????????? Do I run the same PCT as I did on a 10 week test cycle ? Nolva - 40/40/20/20?