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Anavar Cycle

Hello T-Nation, I am planning an anavar cycle and I am so confused with the contradicting information out there on the web.

6% BF
6 years training
26 years old

I ran an anavar only cycle about three years ago but I don’t remember the dosage, I am thinking it was between 40 and 50mg ED for about 6 weeks. I am debating if I should run 70mgs ED for 5 weeks or 60mgs ED for 6 weeks.

I have read a lot that Anavar doesn’t start kicking in until about weeks 4 or 5 and many people suggest doing 8-12 week cycles of anavar but I am concerned that Oxandrolone being a 17-aa steroid could really fuck up your liver.

I have a proper PCT and will run Milk Thistle, ZMA and Tribulus throughout the cycle, along with the basic goodies (whey, creatine, bcaa, multi).

How long and how much (mg) should I go for?

Thank you!


(I have 2,500mg available, might get my hands on 3,000 I am not sure.)

From what I know… Var is a weak substance on its own… anything past the 40-50 mg range and positive results don’t really improve much, just sides like elevated Liver enzymes get worse.

From what I’ve heard 6 weeks with orals is nothing, Im going to run 10 weeks with winstrol (Im already in the second week).
Just remember to drink alot of water, which you normally should when your not on steroids.