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Anavar Cycle - First Time


Hi all,

I have decided to try a cycle of anavar, and I'd like to check and see if what I'm doing seems like the right way to go about things. I'm 26, been training for a few years and weigh 185lbs. Not exactly huge at 5 foot 11 but I used to weigh 130lbs so I'm quite happy with what I've accomplished. Happiest day of my life was getting my BMI to "overweight"

The cycle is going to be anavar only. From what I've read it seems like you make much better gains if you stack it with test, but I'm not too keen on injecting myself, at least not yet. My main reason for not wanting to pin myself is that I'm a pussy and I'm too scared, but also my girlfriend would freak out if she thought I was injecting! And I mean seriously freak out. I'm not ruling it out completely, but I'm not there yet.

Besides, var sounds kinda cool even if it isn't the best for gaining loads of mass. From what I've heard it sounds like it does a really good job of leaning you out and providing good, hard muscle gains (with no water retention or anything). I've also read that I shouldn't expect gains of more than a few pounds but as far as I'm concerned, a few pounds is nothing to sniff at!

I am planning on running 50mg daily for 5 weeks, so I guess my first question is: does that dose sound about right?

Second question: is that cycle length alright? I'm not averse to taking more or running it for longer if need be.

Third question: For my PCT I am planning on running clomid for 3 weeks taking 50mg a day for the first 2 weeks, and then 25mg for the 3rd. Sound ok?

Also, is it really as bad to drink booze when you're taking var as people say? I like a drink as much as the next man but I'll lay off it for the duration of the cycle if need be.

That's it for my questions. Very noob-ish I know, but we all had to start somewhere I guess.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help you can give.


Well at least you admitted to being a pussy instead of coming up with some bullshit excuse like the other 99% (pun?) here.

I will say drinking is OK on cycle- not to make it sound as if, daily or weekly drinking is OK because that would be absolutely retarded and somebody doing that shouldn't be using steroids anyway, BUT usually every cycle I have one or two nights where I get rocked. And I know people who do A LOT more than that. It's never ideal ever, but it's certainly not going to kill you.

Just a quick question, did you die when you weighed 130 lbs?


heh, aye man, but I'm alright now.

I have a VERY slim bone structure, and weigh less than I look, if you see what I mean. It still wasn't very healthy looking, people thought I had an eating disorder!

Thanks for clearing that up re:drinking. I don't intend to drink on the cycle but it's good to know that as long as I don't go too nuts I can't still cut loose with my mates if I want.


ima bump this.

Any advice to be had as to my dose, cycle length and PCT?


I'm using var right now, but not by itself. Everyone's comment about it is not to use it alone. Expecially if it's just oral.(unless you are trying to gain an athletic edge, in that case it would be perfect.)

If it's oral, I have heard good things about stacking it with injectable test or winstrol. 50 mg sounds about right for a first cycle, but I wouldn't use it less than 8 weeks if you're trying to add size.

p.s. I'm taking 40 mg's Var ED + 50mg's Win EOD. THIS I CAN TELL YOU. I feel strong on var only days, but I feel like freakin superman on injection days...hope that helps.


50 mg's at least 8 weeks. Run it with an injectable(test or winstrol) or you will be dissapointed. It makes you stronger, but it will be hard to add size.


a response! Thank you!

Yeah it appears from looking around that an anavar only cycle is not only shit, but it's SO shit the mere mention of it seems to really piss steroid users off!

I think I'm going to abandon the var only cycle idea, and force myself to pin. The prospect terrifies me but I figure if I'm going to start juicing, might as well do it properly.

Thanks for the advice