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Anavar/Clen/T3 Stack

Trust me I understand. HCG stimulates the leydig cells in the testes to produce other hormones. Similar to LH. it just fits the same receptor on accident.

And yes I understand what the idea of PCT is.
I’ve just heard AAS doctors say the fastest way to PCT is to go cold turkey. SERMS make lab results look better. But delay other things from recovering, and thus delay everything from working in harmony.

And still. I think taking it at those dosages is toxic.

so i went to my local pharmacy and they recommended 25gauge pin. (orange colour) i asked them for the insulin pin but the lady at the counter said that this would be better. i looked at the needle and I’m ok with it. Any thoughts on this, I’ve had a read around and most seem to think its fine to use this for testE. Thanks

guys i done my first shot this morning, wasn’t bad at all! In the glute! i wanted to ask if i changed it from 250 a week to 500 a week would i have to change the pct, would it change my existing goals?

guys how long does it take to experience side effects aggression in particular, today i have noticed that i have the potential to become dangerously aggressive. if this has nothing to do with the test as its too soon to experience this then ill continue. but if it is the test and i get another spell like today i may have to stop it as it will be very detrimental to my self and people around me. i am generally a calm person and avoid altercations most of the time

Aggression is individualistic. I just was horny, but almost more agreeable on higher test. Placebo effect is very common with first cycle too. I doubt that you got much impact from one 250 mg shot that soon.

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Just an update, i have started to loose that stubborn weight around the lower abs and waist and am noticing slight cuts around shoulders and chest! so the desired affect is being achieved.

I haven’t had no itchy nips or appearance of gyno. i wanted to know when i should use the Ai as i am not really experiencing those sides. thanks

Has anyone ever used Warrior Test E or any Warrior product?

Guys im coming to the end of my cycle and wanted to know how long after the last shot should i start my PCT. thanks

Test E is a true 4 week clearance time (6% in system at this point). Wait a minimum of 3 weeks IMO.

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Start HCG now, then 3 weeks for clomid and tamoxifen.

ok thanks. its strange im really getting much leaner towards the end of the cycle making me want to continue for another 4 weeks however i don’t think i will as i am am not too sure how it will effect recovery. I stopped the clen after 4 weeks as the sides were too much. the test alone has really helped me loose body fat and my strength has spiked over the last 2 weeks. i ran it for 8 weeks at 250mg a week and have had great results. i hope i can keep the strength gains as well as the muscular. thanks again for your input

Shut down is shut down whether you run it 8 weeks or 12. 10-12 weeks is a typical length for a long ester cycle. Will you keep the muscle you gained? Not likely in the entirety but if you can even keep half or more consider it a win.

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just an update. its been 4 weeks that i have been off. i have lost some muscle mass but i haven’t really lost strength. i feel as if the strength gains i made i have kept. i am having really bad headaches with the nolvadex, i wanted to know if i could take clomid instead of nolvadex. if i could do that what dosage would be correct. i can however just carry on with the nolva if that would prove to work better. i know in the past clomid hasn’t really effected me.

If you’re getting headaches from the Nolva and you know Clomid doesn’t bother you then yeah, go ahead and switch. Nolva is suggested for two reasons: it’s more effective my for my and it has fewer associated side effects. If you’re getting the sides then there’s no reason to stay on vs just using something that you know doesn’t bother you as much.

As for dose…maybe 25mg/d for the duration of pct?

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thanks for the reply. it turns out the headache is due to a possible pinched nerve as it did start from a session of intense shoulder pressing. but that session was also the same day i started the nolva. i have been stretching since self diagnosing and i am getting a little better. headaches are still there but a little faint.