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Anavar/Clen/T3 Stack

Ok here goes,

im 31 years old 5ft7 and 76kg around 18% body fat

i have been training for 10 years and have never paid much attention to aesthetics, i have only been concerned with my lifts. until now, i recently decided that i would like to lower my body fat so that i could see my abs, separation on shoulders etc so i decided to go on a diet.

i watched a video on youtube and calculated my macros 6 weeks ago when i was 80kg. my macros went as follows 170g protein 200g carbs 60g fats. i have stuck to this and it has worked however i have lost a little size up top. so i looked into stacking anavar clen and t3…

i have everything at hand and have started the cycle and i am 2 days in. (just to let you know this is not my first cycle, i used tren A and test prop when i was 25 and mislead by typical roidheads. haven’t touched anything until now)

i am running 50mg Var a day
Clen - 20mcg first day (was a hell of a experience)
T3 - 12.5mcg didn’t feel anything out of the norm

T3 + Clen first thing in the morning

second day i ran 10mcg of clen and 12.5mcg of T3 i noticed a lot less sides that are typically associated with the clen. I’m not sure if the clen is overdosed its malay tiger but it gave me very heavy palpitations etc and i know that it almost mimics fight or flight adrenaline/amphetamine and raises temp etc but the sides are serious for anyone considering it.

so the cycle i have looked into is

anavar 50mg for 8 weeks
T3 + Clen 2 days on 2 days off for 8 weeks.

i know i have left it last minute but any thoughts on this would be great.
since dieting my abs have started to show but i just want them there a bit faster without loosing muscle mass.

Thanks P

The var for 8 weeks is going to shut you down, it might take a while to recover from that. To be honest id skip it

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Why not just go with Test 200mg/wk var 50mg/day?
I was fat a few years ago, and it was hard to lose, but var was leaning me up with out much cardio or dieting.

I guess I’m saying this because clen seems sort of dangerous from what I’ve researched about it.
You won’t lose any muscle on test and var.
And that way you can get the same results a little bit safer.

I get what you are saying but I went with a oral only cycle as it is my first time coming back after a long time plus the convenience coupled with the fact i dont like pins.

I have got clomid to run as my pct

Ok so you asked for thoughts… you received some valid ones but are ignoring them??? Reason for posting? You are shutting down your HPTA and using a single oral non aromatizing compound. Second, you are shutting down the response loop in your thyroid(HPT) as well by using T3.

Here is what ‘could’ happen, you are going to lose weight and lean up then toward the end of the cycle, even before PCT, you are going to start feeling like poop. After cycle all the weight etc is going to start flooding back putting you in a worse condition than before you started.

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Ok im not ignoring the posts, I’m waiting for a response from my reply.

are you suggesting to stop taking immediately? i just don’t want to take anything that’s going to be too harsh on my test levels, Anavar is supposed to be the mildest of compounds that’s why i decided to go with.

i appreciate it can shut me down, is there something else i should take as pct? should i run the Var and clen only and stop the t3? or again should i just stop it entirely…


You don’t like pins?.. Well I don’t like getting up early in the morning to go to spend 2 hours in the gym, I don’t like eating chicken and sweet potato for dinner when I’d rather have pizza. It’s called making sacrifices. I take 5 pins a week. I don’t get how guys can be such babies about needles. Like buck up and do it.

Var without test as a base is a crappy idea IMO. your serum testosterone is going to plummet. Then the clen is going to make your heart race and give you insomnia. When you come off the Two you’re going to feel like shit. Even with clomid being able to raise your serum test, your FT will be total crap on clomid.

On A TRT dosage of test you can get insulin needles and pin SUBQ. Totally painless anyways.


I feel that being afraid of pinning yourself is pretty normal. I do it, but the first time I did I got an adrenaline rush from it as I was pretty damn scared to do it.

IMO, the cycle is not a good idea. I just wouldn’t want to put that strain on my heart, and go with out testosterone for such little gain.

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Ya I still don’t get what the big fear is? Dudes are willing to ride a crotch rocket through high speed traffic (friend of mine just died in a cycle accident last week BTW, got ran over 5 times) But then they’re scared of a little needle?. I could see myself being worried if I had no clue what I was doing. But how difficult is it to spend some time researching to make sure you know how to properly do an IM or SUBQ injection?
Get on YouTube and find a video. It’s not hard.

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The clen solo is about the only thing that won’t negatively affect your HPT/HPTA. It has its own side affects but I’ve taken it and the worst was shaky hands. Assuming you don’t have a heart condition the risks are not terrible but that’s a choice you have to make. I wouldn’t touch T3 unless I was a pro. If you want to run the Var but don’t like pins I would source a test gel or cream. It will at least keep your levels up and continue aromatizing for some healthy E2.

For PCT you need to wait 4 half lives of your longest compound and then start your clomid. Run the clomid for (4) weeks.

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If running an oral only cycle, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to just use dbol? I don’t think running all non aromatizing compounds is a good idea. The test gel isn’t a terrible idea.

He’s trying to lose fat. Why would he want to go on a bulking compound?

Thinking long term over short. The Dbol will maintain and likely build a bit of muscle while cutting, and support E2 needs. It will cause a bit more water retention, but I don’t think he is getting ready to step on stage or anything. When the cycle is over, the water will drop, and he will have the look he is going for.

Boom! Ok thanks for that. i also would like to eat pizza instead of boring rice chicken and veg :frowning: as well as the other things you mentioned!

i have done pins before but i was a lot younger and didnt have much patience at the time. also tren a and test p i was pinning eod. with test E it will be every 4 so i think i can live with that its not that bad.

I am on going to get Test E 250 . i have done some re search and would like 2nd opinion on the cycle

Anavar @50mg a day for 6/8 weeks??
Test E250 @ 250/ a week Pinned on Mon/Thu for 8/10 weeks??
Clen @20mcg 2 days on 2 days off

i could go 500 a week but will it still meet my desired goals i.e fat loss lean muscle mass, strength gains are a bonus. not looking for major water retention either.

Just out of curiosity could i pin the Test with Inuslin pins

Nolvadex - 20mg, twice a day for 45 days.

Clomid - 50mg, twice a day for 30 days.

should i stop taking the Var right now or continue to take? i can get the test within 2/3 days.


Yes this is what I’ve been saying. Been doing this with Test for 3 months, and Masterson for 1

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Does the cycle look ok. i have had a read around on the site and i can adjust the pct according to what i have read.

Nolva 40/40/20/20

I also read that clomid would be a waste?

i have got Ai also just incase itchy/puffy nips symptoms occur.

do i need HCG?


I don’t have any experience with PCT. I went on TRT before trying anything like a blast and cruise.

Imo if you’re going to take AAS you might as well go on TRT. it’s so easy to get now. They advertise it on Facebook. They just call you on the phone and send you for a blood test. Then mail you everything for $99 a month. All legal.

I take HCG once a week and haven’t had any shrunken nuts. And according to my doctor. The HCG keeps normal production going. So if you decide to go off TRT then everything just returns perfectly to normal. Since your own production never shuts off.
I really wonder how true this is. Because I’ve read HCG is surpressive of your HPTA system.
But he’s a TRT doctor… So idk what to believe

I don’t know about this. I am on TRT, and it is a life long commitment. Many cycle just fine. I will say that if on TRT, running a couple responsible cycles down the road makes a lot of sense to me.

I would not advise this. If you stay on the HCG, and bump it up to something like 500 iu EOD, you will probably be okay. Once you remove the test and HCG, you won’t have anything signalling your balls to produce. It will take a bit of time for LH and FSH to come back, and you likely won’t feel good. That is a reaspm why people take SERMS (to trick the pitutary into producing LH and FSH in higher quantities and sooner).

Your body thinks of HCG and LH as the same thing as far as we currently know. If it thinks the exogenous HCG is LH, and that it is high, it is going to slow down LH production. That is why is is suppressive.

hmm ok i mean I’m going to stick with test E on this one as i have already bought it. with regards to HCG many threads on here where people have used it and haven’t used it on a cycle similar to this. I’m only going to be on 250 a week, i know its going to shut me down but its not exactly 500 a week. like i say from what i have read people are suggesting nolva should suffice.