Anavar Clen and Strength

Hello i am 20 years old and i do weightlifting.I took my first clen 2 weeks ago and i see some good results (my bodyfat reduced a little) even if i did not notice any defference using clen i could actualy keep my diet clean and i lost appetite i did not notice anything else. Now i want to drop 5 more kg (10 pounds of fat) and get strong and go to 69kg category .

My questions are:
Will i see strength gains from the anavar? 50mg/day 4/5 weeks
My clen dossage was 100mg max and i did not have any side effect or notice something except the lost of appetite should i up my dose on my next cycle ?
Last thing to notice is that they drug test us so i ll cut the var 3 months before the competition.

“My clen dossage was 100mg”

That is absolutely lethal.
Do you know what you are doing or talking about?

i mean 0.100 mg wtf

As far as I know clen pills come in 20mcg & 10mcg…

Not even sure if 4/5 weeks of Var would do anything but waste your money

Also I believe most guys run it along with something else usually a injectable… I like var myself but Im in late 30’s and stack it with other stuff

But bro your 20 you dont need clen… Further you dont even need to be juicing…Your Hormones and metabilism is good the way it is