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Anavar Cause Hypertension?

Im running a couple of low dose anabolic injectables and doing fine on that. I have tried a few times adding anavar 25mg day but after 3 days my bp is 180/100, i stop and within 24hrs its normal 140/70. Ive done this a few times with the same response.

I was under the opinion sides on anavar were low and rare. Does anyone else have this problem or is it because its a dht steroid and possibly more stimulating to the nervous system. It does give me a boost preworkout and definitely no extra fluid with this to cause high bp.


I ran it at 50mgs and then 100mgs and didn’t have that issue. And that is a perfect illustration of how much side effects can vary from person to person. For whatever reason you’re getting some bad bp issues with it, so I’d say discontinue use.

Alternatively…it’s not Anavar. If you got it from an ugl it could be something else entirely. Var is very expensive. Tbol is not. Could easily have been sold as var.


I have thought it may be something else. I might try to get it tested.

Winstrol is another drug that is commonly substituted as anavar. Don’t know about blood pressure but it gives me headaches. I also got “anavar” from the same source and it effects me just like winstrol, only much more expensive.
I would have suggested dropping down mg/day, but a dose of25mgs/day is already conservative.

Perhaps try and find a different source, and see how the new stuff effects you.