Anavar-Cardarine Cycle

hey, i was thinking a light cycle for 6-8 weeks with
anavar 30-50mg(6weeks) and cardanine 14mg(8weeks)…
osta will help? if i add it?

is it worth it?..(if anavar is legit)…for recomposition

Anavar is good stuff. But the dosage may be a little low. I was on 50mg for 14 weeks and it helped lean me out a bit. But it wasn’t really that impressive. I imagine it would have worked better if I was strictly trying to cut, but that was not the case.

What’s your pct look like? What’s the reasoning for not running test? Anavar is suppressive (though not nearly as bad as some other orals) and you’ll be feeling like shit by week five or six. What are you going to do for cholesterol support? What are the goals here?

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25yo-train from 16teen
goal–> recomposition
pct–>nolva 20 mg for 3 weeks i think for a cycle so light alongside with a supplement like nolvadren XT
cholesterol -->OMEGA 3 (Orange triad )
AND NAC For liver i think its enough for anavar…
b complex
4 years ago i did 2 cycles one with test e and superdrol and second one with test e , tren e and superdroll…
1st cycle went smoothly
in the second one tren *** me emotionally since then last 4 years i stay clean from aas…

i dont want to pin…for personal reasons…because now i dont stay alone …so dont want anyone find out etc…
in beggining i thought try ostarine with cardarine…but im not sure if have good results compare to anavar low dose with cardarine

Well not wanting to pin because you live with someone makes sense. NAC should be enough. If you survived two runs of superdrol then you’ll probably be alright. Don’t waste your money on Ostarine. Unless you’re a woman with stress urinary incontinence, in which case it may be useful.

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iron_yuppie already answered this well for you - spot on.
I never understand why people don’t just want to do test. Anavar is great but will only show decent results in terms of muscle mass and strength in a very high dose for men (over 80 if it’s real Var) and when it comes to body composition you’ll have to be pretty lean to start with. It’s not that you wont get hard but at 16% body fat the results wont be drastic. The only time I saw anavar be magic was when I took it at 100mg per day in the last 3 weeks before a show - I got harder and leaner by the day.