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Anavar Capsules

Has anyone ever heard of Muscle Maker Laboratories…Its called Anavar 20, 20mg per capsule with 100 capsules…these arent pills they are capsules…just wondering

Havent heard of the brand - Probably just a UG lab branding themselves. I have used 20mg anavar caps from an UG lab and they were the real deal.

go with it if the price is right

anyone else???

mml labs are good stuff. i used his d-bol with great results.

Does anyone even think about quaility control ??? Muscle-maker Laboratories…Man, be realistic,look what its called. how much more of an obvious fake could it be?? It does not even say what country it is from??? the Nandrolone 250 does not even say what it is made up off…Does not even have a web-site. has no holiographic logo. had no staped date on expiry…ect ect. WORST FAKE I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS>
MAX in DC.

MAX MUSCLE what a retarded cliche name I’ve never even heard of you. Your profile doesnt’ even say how much you weight or how tall you are! You only have 1 post. You must be a troll.

MML,FAKE. a child could do a better job. counrty of origin ??? lot number ??? 8mls in a 10 ml bottle, UNDERGROUND…hardley …its a beacon of stupidity.

Wild guy,professional bodybuilders like too remain inoymous. I thought i would just do some of the rest of the bodybuilding world a service by letting them know what i think. Dude, no comment needed. Good luck with your training. TRY AND STAY ON THE TOPIC.

Hhhmm somebody’s a little testy. I’ll back peddle a little and add that I thought the company in question as LMK Liquid Muscle Labs (which are the shit). As for you being a pro, what’s the chance of you telling us who you are? Or what other boards you post under so there’s some credibility to what you’re saying or pehaps someone who can vouche for you. Being that you only have one post I’m naturally skeptical of such a claim. On the other hand if you are sorry for the weak little jab I gave you. To be honest the name reminded me of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer changed his name to Max Powers. Why that increased my desire to break your balls I don’t know. BUT, if you are who you claim then that’s great and I’d like to talk to you either in a thread or in private as I have a more advanced cycle then I’ve ever run before and there’s a few ways I’m considering going at it.

Wiedguy,hey no problerm at all dude. just a not to let other men out there know, i have 2 friends that i meet with tonight and they showed me what they purchased. …I showed them the scar on my butt where i had a big abyess cut out a few months ago./. Anyway there is ALOT of bad stuff out there at the moment,the worst it has been in 10 years. Becarefull for many reasons,not just loss of income butt expensive hospital bills. Underground labs are NOT the way to go. Have a good friend that lost…a body part a few years ago due to an infection. Becarfull… Muscle Maker could be a combination of ANYTHING. …not trying to have a stab at anyone,just my opion. M.

I recently purchased 100 capsules with the label pharmatech on the bottle. they appear to be clear capsules with a brown substance inside—real or fake??

That’s a real ug lab. I will say that what’s “kinda” good about your question is if it is bunk or dirty you dont’ run the risk of getting an abcess like or mystery pro pointed out.

thanks for the info. I guess I will find out soon.

a doctor gave me 25mg anavar capsules made by signuture labs