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Anavar Bridge?

Sorry to bring up this topic again guys. I’ve seen many posts regarding this topic.

I’ve done all the research possible and see that an anavar bridge has many benefits between cycles.

What I’m asking here is…from those of you who have used anavar as a bridge, how effective was it?

I am currently on a cutting cycle for summer consisting of:
test prop 50mg ED
masteron prop 50mg ED
tren ace 50mg ED

I am having some awesome results out of this cycle, but would like something to bridge to my next bulker in the fall which is going to be a very large cycle.

So of those of you who have done it, how effective was the anavar bridge between cycles for you? Thanks for your help guys.

This prob isn’t really what you’re looking for but I thought I’d post it anyway. A good article on the subject.