Anavar Blast for 4 Weeks as an Addition to TRT to Finish my Cut?

Just as the title says;

Should a short blast of 4 weeks @ 30mg / day yield any results in terms of maintaining my current muscle mass?

I am 92kg, 180cm, at between 12 to 15% bf.
40 years old, lifting for a looong time.
Cutting at 3100 cals / day
TRT at 125mg / week

I’d like to accelerate the fat loss for the next 4 weeks, but I am wary of cutting calories any further without seeing significant muscle loss.

Anavar and all AAS promote muscle growth, and if in a caloric deficit slow muscle loss.

If it is me, I would cut while on TRT only, lose the weight even if some is muscle. Then after the cut use the Var to regain the lost muscle quickly. Muscle memory is legit IMO.


You don’t have to worry about this, especially while on TRT at this:

Then move more

Also, 3100 calories at the tail end of a cut is still a lot of calories. Why are you weary of cutting more?


I figure that I am at the tail end of blasting, honestly not really the most fantastic idea at my age. So I want to make the PED use (which was really moderate TBH) over the past two years count for something - and I am paranoid about losing too much muscle.

I thought that the addition of anavar would make a nice cushion to give me more wiggle room for losing the fat while ensuring that I keep my gainZ.

You probably don’t have to be. The leaner you are the larger your muscles look