Anavar Before My First Show

Hi guys,

I have an awesome trainer and nutritionist but have never done any steroid. I will be competing at my first show at the end of November and I have some questions.

  1. He wants me to take anavar 40mg per day for the next 5 weeks or so. He said I do NOT need pct. Now he is VERY experienced and well known. Everything I read online says some sort of PCT…is this needed?..

I do NOT want to be shut down…


age 26
bodyfat 8%

thanks in advance!

If you dont want to be shutdown, dont do steroids.

And dont listen to this trainer. 5 weeks is pushing it, Id definitely recommend PCT. And 40mg is a waste of time.

To hit the point home, BONEZ is 100% correct.

While I’m sure your trainer is very experienced in some aspects, but all AAS WILL cause shutdown of the HPTA to some extent, and PCT is important (not just for recovery of the HPTA).

Reading thoroughly on SERMS will elucidate these points, and will allow you to be almost certainly more educated on the subject than your trainer.

Also, if entering an untested show, why only 40 mg of Anavar, and only Anavar itself?

Whatever your tactic, good luck in the show.

Hey guys!

Thanks for the replies. He said that he has used this method for all of his competitors and this trainer is the most well known in these areas. He said at 40mg of Anavar until the show, it will harden me up. He said that 4 weeks of it will not shut down and I have talked to many people since these posts, including my doctor (who bodybuilds). He, too, said that there is no need for a SERM after this. I will be doing a cycle of test ethanate, and proviron with proper PCT (Nolva/Clomid) afterwards. This will be after the show, so I’ll definately be doing it correctly. My trainer said no need for PCT from 4 weeks of only 40mgs of Anavar, and then the test cycle and another PCT.

The guys I’ve read that have had anything close to shut down with Anavar did it LONGER than 4 weeks (instead 6-10 weeks) and they were much greater dosages (60mgs-80mgs).

Cheers guys,

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