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Anavar at 18?


This is probably covered in an article somewhere but I was wondering, how risky is roiding in your late teens?

I've had some people tell me that even an oral anavar cycle with proper pct at my age (18) would fuck my shit up but I'm not convinced.

Can anyone point me to some info regarding teenage steroid use? (any info on anavar in particular would be great also)

For the record I'm 6ft5 230lbs 15%bf on month 6 of my first proper bulk (dot think I'm big enough yet + its winter so I'm going to continue for 2/3 months despite being a fatass now, seem to have gained alot of muscle though, started at 200lbs at 11ish%bf). My issue is I do a hell of a lot of cardio (50 miles running a week, training for the Royal Marine Commandos as an officer after school) and I'm convinced that a 2-3 months cut (which is what it would take to get me down from the 18odd% bf ill end up at) would see me burn my gains from cardio on a deficit as well as feeling awful (fyi I'm on 6.5k cal a day, lots of milk and peanut butter but mostly clean, the rest is meats, fish and wholegrain carbs) so I figured cutting down on cardio for a 6 week anavar cycle would be a good way around it.

Cheers in advance guys, I probably sound ignorant as hell and am but I'd really appreciate some advice beyond stay natty till you reach your natural potential. (I'm a lanky as fuck endurance runner, have sympathy)


Hey man, I know your going to get bashed hard in a few minutes from everyone but i will try and be nice :slight_smile:

18 years old is a little to young to start with steroids, even with a oral cycle. Anavar is a mild oral steroid but yes, it will still affect your natural production and mildly shut you down. You can cut and spare muscle with the right diet. I dont see a point of people using steroids and trying to cut. Only your diet will depend on bodyfat loss. I dont see a point of starting the roids right now...I would wait a few years and starting a injectable with a bulk.