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Anavar at 18?


Im 18 yrs old. Going up north to a junior college to play ball. im 5'8 185 been training and playing ball 3 years strong. im a running back. Some buddies of mine suggested i take ANAVAR i researched a lot and it seems like something i would want to do. To ball at the junior college and get sent out somewhere big!
am i wrong in thinking this?




that helps?


You're too young, nobody here will advise you to take AAS. Your endocrine system is still developing until your mid-20's and you can do permanent damage at this age by screwing with it. Wait until you're 25. Until then, train and eat to fully exploit your natural potential. I know it's not the answer you wanted, but it's the truth.


you asked if you were wrong for thinking that using anavar at your age was a good idea, and I said "yep".

It definitely should help, but I would be willing to bet that you will ignore us and use it anyway.


Dont take steroids hoping you will make it big in junior college and be able to play for a big school. Judging from your stats I dont think you are going to make it very far.

If you didn't have the horsepower to play out of high school steroids will not change that.

If you were already a swaggering badass with the realistic expectations of making it to the NFL then I would recommend cycling, 20% improvement at that level is worth millions and would be worth the risk.

If you were say 205 and 20-30% stronger and 10-15% faster can you play for a real school ? Because at most that is all a COUPLE of real cycles is going to give you, var is not going to be worth much maybe 5 pounds

Is it worth the risk breaking your endocrine system ?


im just lookin for some answers from ppl who know what there talking about? i was questioning taking it in the first place...what else could i take if anything?


protein powder
fish oil
vitamin D


Also creatine will help.


what about winstrol?



get the fuck out of here


haha yea i expected that


Most bodybuilding forums advise people to be at least 21-23 years old before starting AAS.

In reality though, I see a lot of young people (16+) taking AAS (mostly pro hormones). It's your life. If you want to do it, it's possible you get away with it. But it's a risk. Anavar is a mild AAS, but it will still shut you down, so PCT is needed.

I started taking them at age 31... after 10+ years of hard work in the gym.


im moving 400 miles away to college. training/football and studying are going to be my only focuses.
figured it would be a good oppurtunity to really get the most out of it. and yea i was going to take nolvadex for my pct


Winny is weaker than var.

orals simply aren't worth much, simply cant dose orals high enough for a decent cycle, nor get enough type I activity.

Steroids just dont do as much as people think they do if you dont have the genetic ability already.

I dont recommend taking steroids at your age, especially not for your reasons.

If your interested and serious. Eat sleep, school, and train for 2 years. If you see progress that would be close to qualifying for playing for a NCAA school then start cycling at 20.

Either way, you really do need to wait 2 years. If you come back in 2 years with some serious progress we will help you.


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thats the only reason, if i do go somewhere in 2 yrs i cant take it then because ill be getting tested.
they dont test in junior colleges so now would be the only time to do it?


no.. if you are going to do it, wait till you are 20 and do your best to cycle the drugs out of your system before the tests.


alright thanks


@ LeShean11

Something to think about hypothetically;
If you take AAS during Juco and into D-1, how do you plan on competing with the athletes who play there? They are tested often, some obviously use AAS and are caught, some use AAS and are not caught. D-1 is a serious arena and cheating yourself now, may hamper your performance later on.

IMO and many others on Tnation as well, AAS is used when you have reached your maximum natural potential after many years of dedication. I cheated myself by trying AAS at 21 yrs, after 4.5 yrs of lifting and regret it often. 25 yrs old is an optimum age to start using, by that time you will be well out of football unless you make it to the NFL, in which case I tip my hat to you.

BTW I hope to god that your name isnt actually Leshean and that you dont wear #11. these threads are open to anyone, if that pic is of you too and you decide to gear up, you have already fucked yourself over by letting people accuse you of using -->with actual evidence.

This post is not meant to flame you,
you are 18 though and you have a lot of options.
Be smart