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Anavar as a Finisher if Over 15% BF?

Hi Guys,

As the title says, is there much benefit to adding Anavar for the last 5 weeks of a cycle if:

  1. BF is 15% or a couple % points above 15%

  2. 5lbs a week is currently being added to all lifts with just a 500mg test cyp blast. Are greater strength gains to be expected and hence greater muscle growth?

Also if genuine Anavar, what is the ideal dose first time 30mg a day, 40 or 50?

Thanks for the help

I don’t think you’ll see much of physique change if you’re 15%+. When I was using anavar in the past, during my powerlifting days, it primarily only increased work capacity.

I love anavar and I think its a great addition to a blast. It targets belly fat and will make you harder and more vascular. Anavar isn’t really known as a mass builder but I think you will like it. No need to wait till the end of your blast.

Try 50/mg day divided in 2 doses if you can get it that way. If not, 60 is fine. Be aware that it can cause severe cramping. At 100/day I had really bad muscle pain in my legs and glutes to the point of not being able to sleep. This happened after about a month on. I had to stop altogether to get it to stop. At 50 mg, I don’t have the pain. Just an FYI

What was your BF% though? If he wants to get harder and more vascular, why not run a small dosage of tren?

because not everyone wants to run tren. because not everybody responds well to tren. because tren is FAR more toxic than anavar. because tren makes some people cough like they are dying.


Definitely no tren for me. I am interested in the safest options with the least sides.

Thank you @studhammer for chiming in.

Getting rid of my belly fat would be a nice bonus. Hardening yo my muscle also sounds awesome. Does this hardening affect stay when back to just TRT? I doubt it but wanted to ask.

I can easily break up 50mg into 2 doses as I have 10mg tabs, but it would be 30mg and 20mg.


@studhammer and others, am I currently lean enough to benefit from the Anavar? I am also lean bulking at present and may be putting on a bit more body fat, although I am weighing in daily and taking weekly measurements to make sure I don’t over do the calories too much.

I started the blast at 18% to 17%BF and I am definitely more vascular than I was. When doing biceps I now see veins running from the top of shoulders all the way down my arms to my wrists.

No pump so be kind :slight_smile:

Navy method shows me at 13%, but I don’t think this is right. I have gone from 2000 calories per day pre-blast to 3,500 calories which I have worked up to in 300 calories increments whenever the scale stopped moving. I have only gained 12 lbs so far at week 7 so wondering if I should add more calories even.

Essentially I am not worried about the cost of the Var, just wondering if it is worth using in my current lean bulk or if it’s better to use when on a recomp cycle. If it’s a nice add on in a lean bulk and will give some good visual results at my bf I will add it in.

Physique is looking solid - especially delts. Keep up the good work bro!

I[quote=“trt_training_hard, post:8, topic:266640”]
am I currently lean enough to benefit from the Anavar?

I personally don’t believe the theory about being 'lean" in order for steroids to have greater effect. The anavar will help you synthesize protein and make your body more efficient. Running it isn’t going to set you back and; a six week cycle isn’t going to be detrimental to your goals IMO.

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If you can find one in your area, get a DXA scan done. Its the most accurate BF measure there is after displacement. Mine cost $45 and took about 10 minutes.

I agree. So many people treat anavar like it’s clen or something like that. It’s not. It’s still a steroid. And a damn good one. It will help ANYONE build muscle, and with minimal sides.


Appreciable muscle tissue? I tend to disagree. While it possesses the ability to grow muscle since it’s anabolic, it won’t grow anything tremendous. It’s primarily used for cutting and hardening.

Have you actually looked at its anabolic/androgenic ratings? This is a GREAT steroid for building muscle, one of the best there is.

I think this misconception comes from the fact that so many other steroids, like dbol for instance, for a ton of water weight gain immediately. So your scale weight goes up, your strength immediately goes up, you look different. But I would contend thata 5 week run of anavar will almost always yield better net/overall muscular gains than 5 weeks on dbol.


anavar anabolic rating: 400-600, depending on where you look
testosterone E, or C: 100
Dbol: 150-200
Anadrol: 300
Deca: 125
EQ: 100

Oh the water retention, without a doubt, will definitely cause an increase in weight. No disagreement with you there. I guess in my experience, all I’ve ever seen it do is increase my work capacity. For example, say I was squatting 4 wheels for a set of 5. I could get out another 4-5 with assistance from the anavar. Sadly, my diet was such garbage that I never really saw any muscle because I was just getting bigger/fatter LOL

I am of the opinion that AAS ratings / ratios are not all that telling. Look at Halo it has an anabolic rating ~20X that of testosterone.

I do think your point about wet vs dry gains should be noted. Many AAS get a perception around them of being weak, because most gain 5 lbs on them vs 20 on deca, drol, dbol… However, how much muscle is retained after the cycle? How much water has been dropped?

I do not think var did a whole lot for me. I am thinking the next oral will be drol or dbol. I will evaluate after a month or so after the cycle to do a comparison to var.

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That’s because nobody still breathing is taking 500 mg of halo dude… the ratings are on a mf per mg basis.

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I realize that. I still don’t think the ratings are very accurate. What do people normally take like 20 mg a day. That is still 140 mg a week. Should be equivalent to taking 2,800 mg of test. I just doubt it, and would need proof to believe it.

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