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Anavar and Winstrol Tabs

Has any of you on here used Anavar? If so, how much muscle did you gain on an 8 week cycle, and what side effects did you notice? I heard that there were no side effects, and no estrogen conversion, but I just read on another web site that you can get gyno from it. I’ve been looking for a steroid that doesn’t have any estrogen conversion.

Also, what side effects have you noticed while cycling Winstrol Tabs? How do you think Winstrol Tabs would stack with Anavar?

For most people, Anavar has minimal (if any) side effects. However, it also doesn’t produce much in the way of size when used alone. If anything, you’ll notice a strength increase, but don’t expect anything dramatic size wise. Winstrol usually produces better size gains (compared to Anavar), but it also has a greater chance for unwanted side effects. Side effects and gains will vary by individual (with all AS).

Ken P (and everyone else that reads this),

What are the side effects of winstrol tabs? Also, what’s another good oral steroid that is low androgenic with minimum side effects?


try Primobolan tabs. They stack excellent with almost any steriod. But they don’t produce any side effects. A truly safe steriod.


I thought Primobolan only was available as an injectable? I called my buddy, and he told me he can only get that as an injectable. I’ll be able to find it though. What side effects could someone notice from Primobolan tabs? Are they androgenic?


While I can’t predict how a product will affect you (everyone is different), there is a general rule of thumb to keep in mind with AS. The milder the product/cycle, the milder the gains. Anavar and Primobolan (BTW Primo is available in an oral) have far less chance for unwanted side effects, but it’s doubtful you’d see any large gains using them alone. From the sound of your posts, I get the idea that you are only interested in orals. You should also be aware that oral products tend to be a bit more harsh on internal organs. It’s an unfortunate fact, but 100% side effect free with significant gains just doesn’t exist in the world of AS.