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Anavar and Winstrol Cycle

My all important stats are 6 feet tall 190 pounds 8% body fat. I’m looking for a cycle to give me an extra 5 pounds of lean muscle, plus to harden up a bit and to make my 6 pack a proper 6 pack!

This is going to be my 3rd cycle. Before I have used Test E, deca and dbol. And have gotten good gains.

This is my cycle I am going to use next, please can you help me fine tune it.

1-8 weeks 40mg Anavar ED
2-8 weeks 30mg Winstrol tabs ED
Then start pct.

With this cycle I will be using creatine to aid the Anavar. I know alot of people are going to say “add some test” but i hate test, and test hates me. I get really bad sides from it eg acne. And also my jaw line becomes more manly and more hair and deeper voice. Even at a low dose. So no i will not add test to this cycle.

Helpful comments only please.

You won’t see much as far as gains go with this cycle. Why the aversion to test? Are you a girl or a prebubescent boy? If not, you should be producing enough of it naturally to develop a deep voice and body hair. I think all this talk of “more manly jaw lines” is bullshit.

Troll or a clueless retard.

Are you a female?

And if you dont have ripped abs at 8%, you arent 8%. And if you arent 8% at that weight, youre just skinny. Laern to eat and stop wasting time with drugs that you dont know how to benefit from.